Wednesday, February 29, 2012


When I have daughters, if I am so lucky, I will teach them what it means to be a woman.

I will teach them that self-pleasure is a great gift and to use it often, because orgasms are pretty fucking awesome.

That they can ask a sex question as comfortably as they would a math question.

And that coming is more precious than any ring. And at least twice as precious as any male orgasm.

I will teach them that sex is something to enjoy throughout their entire lives, with no mention of how many partners is acceptable. To enjoy sex for themselves first, whenever that may be.

They will understand that experimentation is natural;
mistakes are inevitable;
pleasure is uncomprimisable
....but disrespect, unacceptable.

That they have complete power in this world, despite what many people will tell them.

They will fully understand that because they have both the minds to decide for themselves, and the ability to give birth to and shape future generations, they are the born gems of society and the object of scorn for those who haven't the ability to do either.

That they are everything, unless they decide they are nothing. That they will be respected, if they command it and loved because they will always deserve it.

That they hold the key to humanity and owe the world absolutely nothing.

That is the least I owe my daughters.


Couldn't resist.. beautiful 3d word byt designer Chris Labrooy.
When toys call out our names…

Playful Type from Chris LaBrooy on Vimeo.


The Lady and The Sweatshop has posted on us.
Check it out: TLATS


So i went to the pharmacy to refill on a bunch of domestic things today.
As i was passing them through the cash, the man standing in line behind me looked at my tampons and condoms, looked at me, and then seemed extremely uncomfortable as he actually took two steps back pretending to look elsewhere.
2012, modern society. Almost made me feel weird for a sec there, but then i laughed quietly while the cash lady gave me a wink.
Why did he feel this way? The idea of being in my intimacy for a quick second? The image of women's periods? Women and sex? His own insecurities? ... I really don't know.

When a modern women crosses path with a not so modern man.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I think i like the idea of him more than i like him.
Because when i think of him, i don't have to smell him.

You can be as hot and sexy as you want, if you don't smell good, then i don't care.
And when i say "smelling good" i'm not talking about your perfume.
Of course, avoiding the horrible D&G and other leopard and gold loving brands is always a good idea. But i'm referring to the smell of your skin. The one of your hands, the one of your neck, the one of your stomach. Yes, once the perfume is gone (after some bed exercises or simply a long day), you need to smell good.
That means two things: wash well and often (your hands too please, as you all have this tendency of scratching under your pants and if you're gonna caress my face gently, it BETTER not smell like your sweaty cock) and eat well. Healthy eating actually gives you a better smell. (truths i have noticed: eating too spicy makes you smell icky and drinking tons of pineapple juice will make your cum taste sweeter)

So guys, please NEVER underestimate hygene. It can really put you on the black list FOREVER.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have a thing for sex. I have a thing for men. I have a thing for music. I have a thing for dance.  So when all four of these combine, it's ecstasy.  I went out the other day, and I met this incredible hot man.  He politely asked me to dance with him, and I kindly accepted.  Choice of music: Reggae!  Choice of dance style:  u know it...a whole lot of bumping and grinding...but on some slow shit.  We started off nice and easy, simply allowing our rhythmic differences to match.  I could feel his dick getting harder and harder as I was playfully circling my hips, and my bosom. His hands are slowly caressing my arms, neck, back and stomach.  He holds me tighter at times..making me feel 'controlled', he even plays with my hair and gently pulls on it.  I'm wet by that time.  I feel his breathing on my neck, and I feel his sweat trickling down as his forehead touches me.  He turns me around aggressively and places my hands on his neck, making me stroke his nape and hair.  I sure wish I was stroking something else...As I place myself with my back to him once more, the next tune that comes on makes us latch on to each other even more.  As I felt myself controlling the flow we were in, I decided to give in and let him take charge...I started following his flow...and let me tell you ladies we were so in tuned that I literally thought we were sexing as I had my eyes closed.

I am a firm believer that when you dance with a man/woman it doesn't mean that there is more than just dancing.  BUT I feel that if we are this intimate with each other as we are dancing, we ought to assume that there is definitely some chemistry.  NOW the question is:  Is this dance chemistry, a prelude to what could happen in the sack?  How good can two people dancing to some fine reggae be as good sexing?  

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take him to a bathroom and keep our session going on a more physical aspect.  And the club wasn't crowded enough for me to stick my hand into his boxers and really give him a party in his pants the way I wanted to...but I might in later time...:) 

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I had met this guy while I was in Asia, and we kept in touch and since I'm always in Nyc i decided to pay him a visit. We saw each other as I went back and forth through travels.

So anyway our 1st time wasn't so great, which I wasn't surprise because these days I've been meeting guys who are just not good in bed, nor freaky or can even last long enough to get me going. It has been a damn long time since i had BOOM BOOM with anyone so I decided to give him a try. Our first time lasted 5 my head i say " shit happens don;t judge just try again later"... we do it again he came  in less time then the first.

Now a month later I decide to go back and give it another try....WOW after chilling for a bit we start kissing, but he's not the best kisser so I was having a hard time getting turned on... plus I had a weed brownie just before which wasn't probably helping. So we kept kissing and in no time he's starts taking off my clothes but what was annoying was he was stopping everything just to undress, like MR ROGERS...taking socks off, folding wtv it was annoying then we are touching each other and i gently touch his penis and he comes all over me....????? what? what the hell is that? I barely did anything...I don't even know what that means...should I be flattered then the worst he gets up goes in the room and comes out with a condom on his UNHARDENED PENIS....really who does that? and worst tries to put it IN. I mean he's like 35 like your too grown you should no better....shame on you. there's more but i'll end on this note.

Please tell me what you think? comments appreciated because I'm confused on this one...I think I should leave this guy in the DUST.


There is one thing i really appreciate right after sex.
Right after we both come.
Right after he gently kisses me.
Right at the moment we both are catching up to our breaths.
I like it when a man gets up to go wipe himself and brings back a warm wet towel back to the bed.
I feel appreciated in the most feminine way when a man gently cleans up my cum and sweat between my thighs.


Maybe this is just me, but do you ever notice that the guys who are huge, put less effort into fucking?

I can't count how many boring, big-dicked egomaniacs I have slept with who think that simply having a big dick is enough for a woman. Seriously. Dude is on siesta-mode fulltime.

News flash, buddy: if all I wanted was something huge to put inside of me, there's a sale on cucumbers at the grocery store. (4 for $3.00? How can I lose???)


As women, we are often taught to be "nice" so others can feel better about themselves. We smile when we don't mean it, we laugh when someone insults us jokingly and if someone asks us to do something, whether we're comfortable or not, we do it. Why? Because the idea of one person in the world not liking us is as threatening as apocalyptic germ warfare. Or so we've been told. This mentality often makes its way into the bedroom.

I think I discovered the orgasm when I was 7. What started as an accident suddenly became an afterschool program. (Never got extra credit for it despite the fact that it was some serious phys ed.) I was convinced that I had invented a way to generate electricity inside the body and that I would keep this a secret til I was 18, then sell my idea and live off the investments. Even then, I was business-minded. Because I didn't actually KNOW what I was doing, I felt no shame for enjoying it.

Once I actually learned what I was doing I was slightly disappointed that I wasn't going to become a millionaire....but what I did learn was sexual confidence. I knew exactly how my body worked and what buttons to push, and I was always in it to orgasm.

During my 20s, I met a lot of "nice girls". What an interesting breed. This type of woman never puts her sexual needs first. She only fucks because others want her to. She never asks for anything, she never says no.

"What does an orgasm feel like?" was a question that constantly came up among my female colleagues. I couldn't believe it. We were living in the 21st century already! The ignorance, the confusion, the "I can't even look at it" mentality was simply depressing. What's worse is that they represent a majority.

But how did we women get here? Why were these women fucking then? The answer was obvious. They were having sex just to be "nice". A "nice girl" might fuck 1 partner or 500 partners, but the reasoning is always the same.

Here's the lowdown: Women who fuck for someone else, only fuck themselves.

Where sex is meant to bring pleasure, it just creates sadness. Where one would find intimacy, it's replaced with detachment. It will do the very opposite of what you want it to do.

Truthfully, I can tell you there is absolutely nothing nice about being a "nice girl".

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So the other day, i was feeling a little down and lonely so i did what every independent woman would do (no, not pig out on ice-cream): buy myself a new toy.
Let me tell you that we ladies of today, are very lucky: the days of the gross, giant rinkely-penis-like loud vibrator are far gone. (except in corny cheap sex-shops)
We now have so many options of beautiful and well designed sex-toys. It has become a true pleasure to go dicover the new design dildos.
This time, I have bought myself a Leaf (beautiful and silent, and on top of it: 
But i think the next one i will get will definitely be the Happiness & Joy splash-proof massager from OhMiBod! This modern massager supplies dual-action stimulation that syncs up with the tempo and rhythm of your music!! Better than a lot of men!
I also like the Lyla for it's tininess and remote control. The fun part of this one being that you can use it as foreplay with your man... you actually wear it under your dress and he keeps the remote. This way he can play with you while you are out… kinda awesome.
As for he most popular couples' sex toy of all time (according to the sales lady) it is the We-Vibe 3. He is designed to be worn, hands-free, by hugging the clit and G-spot snugly during penetration. Yep: during.

Shopping just got a whole lot more fun.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


So 2 nights ago i was watching TV.
Yes, a friday night.
Most of the stuff on TV is pretty crappy on the week end except…. this show called "Le Sexe Autour Du Monde" on TV5. It's a quebec show that goes around the World to discover how different cultures deal with sex, their practices and their taboos. It's fascinating.
And this week, they were in Korea.
A very prude traditional culture and a very low rate of sex activity between couples. It also seems to be a culture of contraditions. Like Japan, just as much as they can be prude about sexuality, they have on the other hand, developed some extremely sexualized shows and ways.
Here is, for example, a theme park that is entirely dedicated to sex.
Not the sweet love and modest sex. No. The all-out-let's-fuck-right-now-sex.
Funny thing is that, as they were showing on the show, people go to the Loveland Park with their entire families. They walk around like it's a common exhibit, laugh with their hands covering their mouths and pose quietly on the sculptures.
I must admit, i got a little aroused searching for these pictures.
Here is Jeju Loveland.


I just can't deal with a man with no abs.
Softies or little stomachs…….turn me off completely. I know it's bad, but i'm a good person i swear.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


No one likes a selfish lover... so why be one yourself? I'm tired being with a man who doesn't like to go down or may have other sex restrictions but yet can't master pleasing me in other ways BEFORE SEX. If you don't eat then you best make sure that your fore play is on point... even kissing at that, but most importantly you need to pay close attention to foreplay or any emotions the girl should get before sex. Some play for a little then just ready to go!.. like do I look or feel ready?... no but you're too busy thinking about yourself that you couldn't take notice.

Please pay attention to what that persons body is telling you.. .don't rush and don't be selfish, because I know I would do you GOOD... so lets play fair.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday was Valentine's Day. You know, that day the american TV tells average men that if they give enough corny gifts to their lady friend, they'll get laid.
Well, the couple staying in the hotel room next to mine definitely honored that tradition. I don't know if the dude got her cheap diamonds or some overpriced chocolate, but his V Day seemed to go as planned: they had sex. Loud sex.

As for me, the banging first bugged me as i was reading my book... But very soon, i could hear them...

In the beginning, it was his voice that turned me on as i was imagining him grabbing her against the wall... I imagined her still wearing her fuck-me heels and ├╝ber-mini dress... Her breast coming out of her bra as well as his face between her legs pushing her skirt up...

And then it was her sounds that got me off...

I came with them.

It was my first threesome. Expect they had no idea i was there.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today is the so called LOVE day! The day that most of us will spend countless amount of money on material presents for that one person that makes us quiver at night. Chocolates, flowers, jewelry, are all common objects of affection that are thought of when it comes to Valentine's Day. But what about the simplest thing in life...PRESENCE! I have one lover who once told me that as much as he would want to do 'out of the ordinary' date, he just wanted to spend time with me. Let me tell you that it was the most beautiful thing I wasn't expecting to hear at the moment. Presence of each other WITH each other is to me PRECIOUS! It is what makes us, US! When you have a new lover, and when you are incredibly in love with your 'not-so-new' lover, spending time with that person means everything. Remember to simply plan to spend time with that special someone and as we all know, with our busy lives, this can be the hardest.  PRESENCE IS THE BEST PRESENT.


So i had coffee yesterday with this insanely hot man. Honestly, he was so hot i actually cough myself shaking a little while trying to drink my tea. As when he hugged me to say bye, well i almost fainted.
Thing is, as i was starting a little session of self-body-loving last night, i figured i should fantasize about our next meeting on Wednesday night.
That's when the weirdest thing happened: it was impossible for me to do so! Somehow, in my head, he is bad in bed!!
So i had to switch to my good-old ex to finish my session with success!!
Sooooo weiiiiiird.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Between the sheets
We lose our roles.
Since cumming is the only goal.

We touch, we taste
We look, we find.
We fuck until we're nearly blind.

From mouth to mouth,
And other parts
We show our skin,
and hide our hearts.

To turn them on
We take it off.
We drill them hard,
We kiss them soft.

For in the sheets,
We bear no fears.
Especially after 7 beers.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


You know you're PMSing when another girl tries to squeeze by while shopping and you think "IF BITCH WANTS TO THROW HANDS, I'LL THROW HANDS!!!". Someone put me to sleep for a week!

This robot only operates in Raging Bitch Mode today.

Friday, February 10, 2012


So, I find myself going home with a gorgeous male this one night!  We ended up falling asleep and having the most appreciated cuddling/spooning session.  Although I was surprised at the outcome of the night, I surely didn't complain...You know, not always, must men and women with acquired maturity and respect of each other have to end up into a sexual debacle!  BUT...

Interestingly enough, the morning was full of surprises and sensuality!  We both woke up to the sounds of sexual vibrations that were running through our bodies for over 8 hours...And I have to admit that it was an amazing the final result was more than anticipated!!  I won't draw a picture, WELL, not this time, but we spent a couple of hours discovering each other's bodies!  Bodies that were fairly new to one another..kisses and caresses were shared, licking and sucking were offered and taken to different parts of the body, bodily fluids were exchanged and pleasure was all part of the party!

Now that we are done with our excursion, we both lay there in our birthday suits and just reminisce on the last couple of hours well spent.  When one of us realizes that Sunday is about to go to waste, the other starts getting dressed.  BUT why OH why...after hours of exploring our most INTIMATE parts, do we rush to get dressed in the dark?!?!  Why do some of us hide our bodies from our new lover, minutes after the act of sex?  Haven't you displayed your body in intricate positions, like twenty minutes ago?  Haven't you allowed yourselves to be open and vulnerable to achieve complete bliss and ecstasy not long ago?  I feel like, when you bare yourself physically, you bare yourself physically...If I just spent thirty minutes naked in front of you, why do I have to rush to get dressed right after?!?! And why do I long the next time we will get naked, if i can't appreciate being naked right after our sexual spectacle?!?

Intimacy 101 :  Learn how to bare your skin, after sex...(smile) no need to be shy after sharing SO MUCH with a sex partner/lover/boyfriend/etc...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sex Education

"We teach teens what they ought to know.
We never tell them what they want to know."

-Sue Johanson

Getting A Woody

"Don't knock masturbation - it's sex with the one I love."

-Woody Allen



My first intimate relationship began with a massaging shower head.

The Scent of your Skin

Your ODOR is as unique as your fingerprint. When it works, it draws me in automatically.  The scent of your sex, sweat, musk and pheromones cannot be compared to any cologne. I'll catch myself going too close to your neck, just to take in a deep breath.  Your scent sometimes follows me....randomly in the street...or sitting all alone.  It washes over me all of a sudden, without warning and in that moment; you are right there.  I prefer your scent more than something that conceals it.  Any man can wear a scent ... but it can never replace the true scent of skin.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why Must I Choose?

Though we live in a modern, more female-friendly world, I sometimes feel like we still hold onto some prehistoric notions about women.

As a child and growing up, I was encouraged to use my brain. I'd even get gold stars, ice cream, trips to an amusement park the more I used it.

I was applauded for using my heart, embracing others, showing compassion and understanding for my fellow man. The more I used my heart, the more I was welcomed by others.

But when I decided to use my other, specifically feminine organ, I ran into problems.

I received judgement, name-calling and I was shamed by those who I considered dear to me. Overall, I was urged to never discuss such matters in an open and frank manner. I became confused. Why was I allowed to enjoy all my other "organs", but not this one?!

Surely using my brain and heart helps me grow the more I use it. It is considered unhealthy to stifle the use of such things by society, wouldn't the same apply to my box?

I began seeing it everywhere. Tons of mainstream porn was geared to the average male, showcasing some seriously ugly dudes. Cosmo told me 500 ways to please my man. Late at night, I'd see 1-900 numbers for saucy sexy ladies. What about MY sexuality? Why wasn't I entitled to feel pleasure and explore and why wasn't the mainstream market of sex considering me?

I hear it a lot from women "I'm waiting for the right guy.", "sex is the most intimate act, I don't just throw it around. It's special.", "without emotional connection, sex is meaningless and objectifying.", "If you love sex that much, there's something wrong with you."etc. Let me tell you: This is an utter lie. Sex has many meanings. There is no hierarchy with emotional sex being at the top. I have had fantastic sex with total strangers and terrible sex with people I've loved. They are two separate things. When a woman is having sex for her own pleasure without harming others, she need'nt worry about an "end goal". Because as we all know, there is no finish line in life, no complete safeties, no guarantees of happiness no matter how much you plan.

With all the reasons women tell themselves that emotional sex is the best, can you imagine applying such logic for using your brain and heart?

Try it. Envision a world where you were told not to use your brain. Stay away from solving math problems. Don't you even dare come up with a scientific theory! You may make someone else feel stupid! You could answer equation wrong! Then what will people think??? You're better off not using it at all! Plus, using it too much would make you look like a smartypants. If you HAVE to use it, for god sakes, don't enjoy it. Try to pretend you don't like it and don't know how to do it very well.
Sound stupid? That's because it is.

So now I wonder what kind of bullshit have we been swallowing all this time.

Sure, women are far more sexual these days than ever before, but that "freedom" comes with serious limitations. I feel like we are only allowed to BE sexual when it pleases others. The moment we choose to be sexual for our own satisfaction, we are deemed selfish, unruly, "asking for it", or fucking for self-esteem. So we walk this thin line, enjoying some sexuality, but only by the permission of others. And THAT, my friends, is the real problem.

It's time we women consider what this fed message of sexuality means to us. How it's packaged. How it's communicated. I'm not suggesting that every woman go out and gang bang the world, but perhaps we need to take a second to question how a woman can lose all brains, heart, personality, and soul, the moment she decides to use her box.

Sex is neither good nor bad. It is a thing. A thing that is part of all of us. If we choose to deem it as something gratifying only within the confines of a deeply emotional relationship, will lose out on a GREAT opportunity to better know and love ourselves.

So enjoy all kinds of sex, whether it is emotionally connected or not. Jump someone's bones or take your time to get to know that person. Go at a pace that satisfies YOU above anyone else. Because ultimately, anyone can call you a worthless whore, but it's up to you whether you want to agree with that or not.

Happy fucking ladies.

Monday, February 6, 2012


A very visual and very rythmic tribute to the late boobie obsessed director Russ Meyer.
As Wiki says:"Meyer is known primarily for writing and directing a series of successful low-budget sexploitation films that featuredcampy humor, sly satire and large-breasted women."
I might add, he has a real talent for writting…from the movie titles to the dialogues…priceless!
"They make the mafia look like brownies" / "you got two of everything, and some leftovers" / "why don't you take one of each son,they both look tender and he has a big motor to feed"
There you have it, a teenage-boys true hero.


I've noticed a clear difference between men over 30 and those under.... I'm not talking about maturity or career but more about how they act in bed.

Few things that are obvious:
-25 year olds are gonna last forever and can fuck you 5 times in a row no problem.
-25 year olds will send you pictures of their abs and cocks regularly (and definitely ask the same from you)
-25 year olds will go "straight to the point" and will be either licking you or fingering you within 1 minute.
Now what i'm referring to is i've n
otice that 25 year olds need a lot more "dirty" stuff to be able to get off. It's like they can't just have sex the nice intense way. They somehow always need the nasty talk, slapping, chocking and crazy positions. I'm down with all that personally by i like to spice it here and there: not EVERY FREAKIN TIME WE DO IT.
To the 3last guys i've asked (and slept with) they all had in common that they watched porn everyday. And i kinda knew it: they all had a lot of "phrases" and "moves" in common!
I see it like someone who got used to eating hot sauce on every meal. Not only he will always need to spice it up, but he is incapable of appreciating/ tasting food naturally.

This porn generation is entertaining but not for too long as it actually gets boring.
Older men, especially over 35 have developed the art of erotism and arousing you in a million ways... Even ways you didn't necessarily know. They are less needy of dirty words and graphic visuals of your pussy.

Young men, get off the hot sauce and ask your older brothers for some old school loving advice.
To be a master of both "styles" is key.
All we want is to be taken on a different and magical journey every time we start breathing together.