Wednesday, December 21, 2011


If she's not happy for you, if you have to hold back from telling her the good things that happen to you: she's NOT your friend. She just likes how it looks to hang out with you. That's NOT friendship.
2 rules of friendship:
To be able to be happy for someone
To be able to be there for someone when all is not beautiful and sparkly.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Street Art by MissMe.


...but do it WELL please.

See, i'm all for men that keep it clean. First, it makes your dick look bigger but it also makes it somewhat available for deep licking.

Thing is, as we ladies know, shaving is tricky. (I personally never shaved; waxing or now, the magic of laser.) If it is done properly and carefully: you penis area is gonna be as smooth and kissable as a baby's ass.

Now if it is done a day to early: ouch.
There is nothing worse that riding and rubbing on small harsh crutch hair! Our pussy is de-li-cate yo!!!
I much rather ride a nice trim than a day old shave.

Plus: less hair = less smell = more yum

Now you know.

PS: Not all dicks look good totally shaven. Some end up looking like lonely retarded elephants. Especially if you are not circumcised.

PPS: If you're gonna shave: make SURE you do it properly ALL THE WAY to the back of your balls. We WILL end up down there and you will look like a fool if the back of your balls reminds us of Mister T.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Get to know yourself and nobody will be able to tell you what your are.
Get to know how to pleasure yourself and you will discover what freedom of men is.
Your fingers are your best allies.
And every girl needs allies.


It's not dirty. But it can be.
It doesn't have to be a big deal.
But sometimes it is.
Sacred doesn't mean they know better. God is in you. Respect him, get to know him, listen to him, he's in your chest, he's in your breast... listen to him inside you, and you'll know what sacred is.
And if you believe God is sacred, then so are you.
Treat your body like a temple, treat your identity with beauty.
And remember: it's not dirty....but it can be.


Meet Toshio Saeki, or the man that has the most colorful yet sometimes disturbing erotic fantasies.
To the style of tradiational japanese erotic art, he adds a modern manga-like fantasies and colors, for the pleasure of our eyes and minds. Some of them get quite disturbing, but mostly i find them beautifully detailed, in the raw-est way.
Like an oriental modern day Rousseau meets le Marquis de Sade, he explores his fantasies on the most honest way.

- toshio saeki -




I like to look at strangers and imagine them fucking....
And sometimes it's disappointing.


He asked me to slap him, slap him, slap him hard.
I was taken off guards so i said "no"
...the first time....



I knew i had to let him go when i started to think about my dildo while he was fucking me....


Let's talk about nipples, shall we?
What is it about nipples that is so sexual?
Who was it that decided that the entire nakedness of a woman's body relied entirely on her nipples? Somehow, cleavage cracks are ok, the rest of our body being exposed is fine, the rest of your beast is fine AS LONG AS NO NIPPLE SHOWS. Yep, makes total sense...NOT.
Victoria's Secret will sell you bras that will add 2 full cups to you real breast size (my men: these are really disrespectful to you, they are expensive colorful lies) in order to make your cleavage gigantic and give you the boob crack you've always dreamed of...but it will alway be padded enough to make sure your nipples wont show ... even on a very cold day.

I don't know, i find that weird......and a tiiiiny bit hypocritical....
Nipples are beautiful and sexy. And big breast 3/4 out with a padded bra is not.

Small breasts are beautiful, big breasts are beautiful... vulgarity is an Attitude, not a Nippletude.

This makes me want to stick little images of nipples on everything and ask people: is is vulgar now?



Dessert for Breakfast. Cool name, right? But what does it means? What does it stand for?
Well, a lot.
I can be many things; from having sex in the morning, to a man that goes down on you, to fun, raw, playful and educated sex.
Trusting your own rules instead of Society's.
Respecting yourself while still doing dirty stuff.
Praising your body but touching it and knowing it.
Because there is nothing more powerful and desirable, than a woman that knows her sexuality.

Now let's all have Dessert for Breakfast, shall we?