Wednesday, December 13, 2017


We all have things we don’t like in bed... and things we just can’t stand. Some make sense to most women, some are more personal. Here are a few of my very personal ones.
- men that refer to my vagina as “her” or even go as far as trying to name her. NOPE. She is not another “female”, she is ME. 
- men that do corny-ass jokes thinking they are so witty when wanting to eat my pyssy. Like “i need to be fed” or “I’m hungry” wink-wink. *eyes rolling*
- men that don’t make any sound when they come. It just weirds me out and frankly i LOVE the sound and feeling of a man coming. I live it like a little victory. 
- men that don't trim their dicks and balls. No, just no.
- not caring about wether i came or not. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.

Ya... i felt i needed to tell the world outside of my group of girlfriends.