Thursday, January 30, 2014


"I was having a conversation with somebody who was saying to me, a film maker,  "in Europe, everybody is so much more open about sex because you see these images everywhere!" And [he] was saying how this is great, to see billboards about sex.
And I said "Oh...How many penises do you see hanging up?" And of course,  when he talks about "sex", he means women's bodies." -  quote found on the internet.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Number 1 turn off is stupidity. Number 2 is cornyness. Like bad unasked-for naked selfies. Instant dryness. 


Sarah Silverman will school you on a whole bunch of important things... like US history and women's rights.
And by Women's rights, i more specifically mean the Abortion Right for women in the USA.

More info on the Lady Parts Justcice campaign here.
Thank you Sarah.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


J'AI VU, J'AI ME LE CUL. - Cesar.
Well not really, but close enough.
Here is one cute french sexy website that feature original erotic illustrations by kinky artists.
We love.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I never do this. I never write nor decide on new year's resolutions. Not sure why, probably 'coz i don't ever do things in dates that i feel were imposed to me. ( i rarely do birthday gifts for my family, but i'm known to give a lot of gifts... Just WHEN i decide) 
So the inly teason i actually even started thinking about it is because i was spending NYE and the holidays with one of my girls that ALWAYS does resolutions. So she basically forced me to think about mine.
And my conclusion surprised even myself. 

I will not have sex with a man on the first night in 2014. ( if i see a possible more-than-just-one-night-stand-candidate in him)

Why?? I do not think sleeping with a man on the first night is bad or slutty. I won't ever jugde someone (man or woman) that does so if they feel like it. I always believe that sex is good if consensual and in respect of each other and situations ( no gf or bf involved elswhere) 
So why???
Well i have been thinking about it as i have been reading this "do not do it on the first night if you want to be respected" shit a lot lately... and although i dissagread with the usual explanation, i realised that there must be something to it... If you read it as such: sex, like anything, it gains a certain "value" if it become less easily accessible and "rare" . It is not that doing right away makes you less respectable as a woman AT ALL, but what you have to offer( youself) gains "value". 
Now this "value" is not the one i believe i would "gain" on the man's perspective. I'm not doing this for men's approval. If a man wants to jugde me or think less of me if i slept with him right away, then the hell with him!
No, this is value i intend to get/add/gains/change towards my own self. See how i would feel about myself if i behaved a lil more like a very anachronic disney princess. 
I don't have the answer. But i am going to try. 

Odiseo Magazine.

By Folch Studios in Barcelona.