Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I never do this. I never write nor decide on new year's resolutions. Not sure why, probably 'coz i don't ever do things in dates that i feel were imposed to me. ( i rarely do birthday gifts for my family, but i'm known to give a lot of gifts... Just WHEN i decide) 
So the inly teason i actually even started thinking about it is because i was spending NYE and the holidays with one of my girls that ALWAYS does resolutions. So she basically forced me to think about mine.
And my conclusion surprised even myself. 

I will not have sex with a man on the first night in 2014. ( if i see a possible more-than-just-one-night-stand-candidate in him)

Why?? I do not think sleeping with a man on the first night is bad or slutty. I won't ever jugde someone (man or woman) that does so if they feel like it. I always believe that sex is good if consensual and in respect of each other and situations ( no gf or bf involved elswhere) 
So why???
Well i have been thinking about it as i have been reading this "do not do it on the first night if you want to be respected" shit a lot lately... and although i dissagread with the usual explanation, i realised that there must be something to it... If you read it as such: sex, like anything, it gains a certain "value" if it become less easily accessible and "rare" . It is not that doing right away makes you less respectable as a woman AT ALL, but what you have to offer( youself) gains "value". 
Now this "value" is not the one i believe i would "gain" on the man's perspective. I'm not doing this for men's approval. If a man wants to jugde me or think less of me if i slept with him right away, then the hell with him!
No, this is value i intend to get/add/gains/change towards my own self. See how i would feel about myself if i behaved a lil more like a very anachronic disney princess. 
I don't have the answer. But i am going to try.