Tuesday, September 23, 2014


She was called the ugliest girl on Earth....
She was told  by strangers to go kill herself....
And this is how she reacted.


Sunday, September 21, 2014


Feminism has too often become the synonymous of Male-Hating: this has to stop.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Yes, it's a freakin' Buzzfeed video. But it's kinda funny and true.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


That awkward moment when your date names that singer u slept with, as his favorite artist, then one of his songs actually starts playing and he goes "omg, how crazy is that!"
Ya, how crazy is that.
Now you are stuck with that image of that other guy's dick in your head for the whole rest of the evening. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Sometimes, when a man is too nice, too soft and too quiet, no matter how great and hot he is, you just don't feel he'll have what it takes to take you.


MissMe's latest visual tool, in context.

Boko Haram


Warren Jeffs

The Dehumanization of Black Women in Hip-Hop videos

I found this on the great For Hariet site.
"For Harriet is an online community for women of African ancestry. We encourage women, through storytelling and journalism, to engage in candid, revelatory dialogue about the beauty and complexity of Black womanhood. We aspire to educate, inspire,
and entertain. "

Kimberly Foster is the founder and editor of For Harriet.

"This short video is about the representation of African American Women in Music Videos and its impact in our society.The representation of African American women in music videos has had a negative light for a few decades.African American women has been displayed as an accessory in most rapper's musical visual aids. With their physical portrayal as video vixens, backed by the negative effects of the lyrical meanings behind most rap and r&b music, the risky behaviours that the women of color presents are that of hyper sexuality which overtime is internalized and stereotyped."

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


When you see that this guy you are seeing liked this corny girl's corny selfie......... makes you wanna immediately cut all links. It's like a deep nauseous feeling in your ego that's makes you say "oh heeeell no" out loud.
It makes us question your appreciation of ourselves, if you are capable of seeing the difference between her and us.
If we have worked hard to be a certain type of lady, it is always insulting to see that the guys we are liking might appreciate girls that have no problem being what would consider "vulgar" or straight up lame and low class. (as the opposite of elegant or cool).
It's silly but it's true. 

Monday, September 8, 2014


MissMe's new sticker and take on true underground power.

"The real power in this World.

The one men have felt and feared from the beginning if time… Fighting it, trying to destroy it instead of understanding it and loving it.

We are all Made In Vagina."

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This project reminds me of the conversation i had a few days ago with one of my closest gay (male) friend. As we were brunching, the subject of sex came about (duuuuh) and went from male-gay sex to straight-sex to ....vaginas.

And that is when i realized that not only had he never slept with a girl (which is cool and happens to a lot when gay men) but he actually had NO IDEA what a vagina looked like!
He actually though the clitoris was a "mini-penis" about 2 inches long..............!!???
Now my friend is no dumb-uneducated 20 year old boy: he is a very successful and very-educated 39 Year old man. Ya. I even offered him to show him mine, as a generous gesture of education, but he refused (with a grossed out face , lol) and then we moved on to more sex talk.

Now this project is right on this subject: it's about gay men drawing vaginas.
And it's beautiful, unrealistic, as well as hilarious.
I wonder if lesbians know just as little about penises...but i honestly think not. Everybody know about penises, history is based on serving it.

Here are a few of my favs, along with their Kickstarter video to publish a book.


Thursday, September 4, 2014


Don't call me babe. 
Don't call me sweetie.
Don't call me honey.
Don't patronize me with your lolipop names and child calling.
Unless your penis has been admitted in my vagina, you have no right to give me corny generic baby-names.
If i'm your girl, call me love, call me baby even, if it suits me then, but unless you have been admitted to such status, DON'T CALL ME BABE.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


From the brilliant Forbes article "Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Isn't A 'Scandal.' It's A Sex Crime."on this sad and scary hacked and stolen nude celebrity pictures made public.

"It is not Ms. Ritter’s or Ms. Dunst’s responsibility to protect their own property from theft by not creating said property or only storing it in a specific place any more than it’s any woman’s responsibility to dress a certain way, travel in groups, wear special nail polish, or what-have-you to lessen the chance that someone will attempt to assault them. As is often the case when we discuss crimes of this nature against women, we have it backwards. It is not on the (usually, but not always, female) victim to take “enough” measures to protect herself but rather on the (usually, but not always, male) victimizer to choose not to commit said crime. (...)

It is a crime that has turned the entire online community into potential peeping Toms with little-to-no accountability for the consumers of said stolen property/invasion of privacy. This is clearly a violation. It is a crime of theft with the intent to exploit its victims as punishment for the unpardonable sin of being female. A woman, be she in the public eye or a private citizen, has a right and privilege to take photos of herself for whatever reason she chooses. A woman, be she a celebrity or a regular citizen, has the right to store them in the same manner as her male peers without the presumption that they will be stolen by an act of cyber hackery. And if said photos exist and said photos are stolen, the shame of that act should be, nay must be, wholly on the perpetrator of said crime.

It is not the responsibility of our female population to take “ X” number of steps to lessen the chance that a member of our male population will engage in untoward conduct towards them, be it assault or street harassment. As a society, we deal with violence, especially sexual violence, against women in much the wrongheaded manner that we have fought the war on drugs. We focus on the supply-side, with an emphasis on the things that women must do to “stay safe” instead of focusing on lessening mens’ “demand” to view women as purely a disposable commodity. In short, we emphasize how women can prevent being assaulted instead of telling men and boys not to assault women in the first place. Instead of condemning those who would steal the private photographs and publish them online for all to see, we condemn or belittle the women who chose to create said private photographs in the first place. "


The Perfect Response To 'She Shouldn't Have Had Nude Pics If She Didn't Want Them Out In Public'

"You know what's stupid? Carrying money in your wallet. You really need to leave your money in your bank account. You are just asking for someone to steal it. Don't blame the person pick-pocketing, they are just trying to make a few dollars like a normal person." (- Julia Collins)


Mnmkay, I have something to say about women and porn based on something that recently occurred. It always seems to come up sometime in life.
I'm talking about denial about liking sex and porn.

Just the other day, I was watching a video about romance and the most romantic scenes in movie history. A female who watched it with me said "This is porn for women."

I disagree, but thank you for speaking on behalf of our entire gender.

Even though we live in 2014, there seems to be this weird denial about liking different kinds of sex.
Don't get me wrong, those scenes were pretty I watched in the video were very sensual....but how much raunch do you hear women talk about openly? Not a ton. It's the same women who believe sex is on a hierarchical scale - emotional sex is top tier, whereas every other kind of sex is less worthy of our Ts and As. I agree that emotional sex can be highly rewarding, but so can non-emotional, animalistic sex.

With this sexy bundle package of thinking, you hear women say shit like "don't do casual sex, you'll get attached!" "isn't porn so demeaning?" "I can't have sex if I'm not in a relationship", which may lead to problems like dating someone that's not even right for you so you can have a regular partner.

Now, some of us ladies ARE built that way legitimately. That's ok....but I feel more do it out of fear of  the unknown, of sexuality, of being labeled. Many assume they are this type without testing the waters and working through it. It's too scary.

Additionally, we make women who DO like sex feel like something wrong with them. I'm one of THOSE women. I value sensual stuff, but I also love the idea of getting banged hard on the hood of a '67 Camaro. Sue me.

Here are the benefits to casual, hardcore nasty, wham bam thank you  fuckytimes:
- you learn to be more upfront about what you want
- you learn about your limits, your desires, your insecurities
- you can suck a dick during your lunch hour and still have enough time to grab a coffee on the way back in.
- you understand that you have needs and how important they are
-you get an opportunity to be who you actually are instead of what you think you should be.

I love sex. I love porn. I love pull your hair, slap your ass, ride-that-Twatlantic-Ocean -out-to-port-kinda sex. Why is that below us?

So, dear lady who loves thinks kissing is porn,

Some of us women are filthy perverts. Some of us excuse ourselves at a job to go masturbate in the washroom for 10 min. Some of us see porn as porn.

There isn't a hierarchical scale of sexual experiences and there never was. It's about enjoying being well-rounded and not using fear to make choices - but rather, doing what's right for you instead.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll call someone and ask them to bang me on my coffee table.