Thursday, June 27, 2013


1920: "May I have this dance?" 
1950: "Want to go to the drive-in?" 
1970: "What's your sign?" 
2012: "Here's a picture of my penis."

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So we finally did it. With this guy i had been having virtual sex with for nearly 6 months now... Sexting, photos, WhatsApp, Videos, Skype....i met him for the first time while i was in Paris last week.

It was so weird because it felt like we knew each other so well even though it was the first time we ever saw each other.
It took us literally less than 2 minutes before we where all over each other.
He smelled exactly like i had imagined it. His lips were softer, his hands smaller and he was not quite as cute as through a screen... but it didn't matter.. our connexion turned out to be mad real.
It was so easy, so natural as we both knew exactly what the other one liked, how he liked it.

For a sweaty and intense hour and a half, we had sex. Very open and magical sex.
It was an honest, wild and intense trip. With a man i had met just 2 minutes before.

Now we are both back to our lives.

Feels unreal. Like we had a glimpse of a parallel life we where lovers in.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We all know how our society has imposed upon us this very strict and specific vision of women beauty.

We know it, we struggle with it. Nothing new.

But his site just brought the "fixing" part to a whole other level: the crazy gadget level!!

From the anti-wrikle mouth piece, to the voice beautifier, the nipple color-changer and even the retracted-breast-corrector!!
Gosh, sad to see how some of us seem to think have so much to "fix".

Monday, June 17, 2013


This footage is truly amazing.
A mostly unveiled women protest in Teheran in 1979, right after the Revolution (that was not an islamic revolution at first but a communist and atheist movement) asking Khomeiny to not interfear with women's rights and freedom...

We all know what happened next.

"Less than 3 weeks after Islamic Regime gained power in Iran, it started attacking women rights by enforcing Hijab and other reactionary Islamic Laws on Women. Women movement reacted and on March 8th, 1979, more than 35 thousands of them came into Tehran's Street and protest against the Islamic Regime. This documentary film is made by a French film crew and is in french originally which was translated to English by a member of Iran Solidarity - Vancouver."

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Last week, i took "crashing an event" to a whole other level: the level of twisting your destiny for an hour.
One of my girls that works in the swiss national TV station forwarded me an email about a small exhibit organized by a local feminist organisation ( "Terre des Femmes") about this young woman graffiti artist from Afghanistan: Shamsia.
Now these words just sounded so magical yet surprising together, i just had to go check out the press event i obviously wasn't invited to.
So i did.
And i didn't only show up, i was right there, in the front, basically the only one asking questions until it became her and i chatting.
Shamsia paints women.
The women that her society had tried to make invisible for so many years. She bring them back in the streets and the walls that where the scene of their oppressions not such a long time ago.
That alone is strong and meaningful, it shakes my soul.
I asked her what kind of risk she was taking in order to talk to her city that way.
Turns out graffiti isn't forbitten by law like in our societies so she basically paints during the day.
Now that's dosen't mean she takes no risks, quite the opposite.
She still is a young woman alone expressing herself in a loud way, and that, even though the Taliban-mother-devil-fuckers are no longer controlling society, is considered a bit of a provocation in the country where women are still far from being equal or very safe outside.
But the biggest danger are mines she told me. The ones from the old war...that can make you an angel in heaven in no time...
This was such an inspiring meeting.
Such a moving and magical encounter. Especially as we both are street artists and we should have never met neing from such far away and opposite worlds.

My favorite piece was the one with the writing:
A burqa covered woman sitting on stairs next to writing on the wall saying
" The Water is back everywhere but what about the dead fish?"
As we jews always say: "Never again, Never Forget"

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Time difference is a bitch sometimes as it means different time zones of horniness. 
The scene can sometimes be quite funny. Like this morning for example, wetting my shorts sitting on the bus, while sexting with this boy in New York.... My neighbor kinda gave me the "omg" look as she "accidentally" glanced at my iPhone... Yes, sexting come with graphic pictures.
I eventually had to come off the bus and walk to work in order to watch the videos.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


To go to the gym or to go meet my ex i haven't seen in years...

To go to the gym.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Seems to be the modern man favorite thing to say these days... i don't mind it but kinda jumps to the point a little.
A glass of wine maybe?

Monday, June 3, 2013


It could also be called " Fuck you Nikki Minaj"

Words of wisdom.

"Barbie and Ken 101" by Street Poet Rafael Casal.


So here is a funny story.
And by funny, i mean seriously stupid.

Actor Michael Douglas, also know to be an actor we havn't seen in a good movie since the late 90s, recently blamed his throat cancer to....... eating women out.


Well, that is not only "funny" but i seem to remember that he was recently talked about (again, not for his acting carrier) because he had to attend a Sex Detox Clinic (the rich and famous bored people's problems' clinic) because he was said to be a "sex addict".

That would mean that he was most probably fucking an enormous amount of random chicks, all the fucking time... something normal people call "being a man-whore" and that has a TENDENCY TO GIVE YOU STDs. (seems he says it's an STD that turned into cancer)

So dude, don't give us the "i am a victim of being a wonderful lover to my wife " bullshit.

Douglas has also been known to be a heavy smoker and drinker, two factors that are the most common causes of oral cancer.... But no, it must be from eating pussy.