Tuesday, May 13, 2014


A few weeks ago, my fellow DFB blogger talked about Tarzanitis. And after my experience, I've decided it's time to take a stand against this nonsense.

I've worked where I work for almost two years. A few months ago, a man, approximately 20 years older than me, suddenly took an interest in me. He stops by my office multiple times a day - sometimes to talk about nothing, sometimes to just stare and smile at me for a few seconds, but never to do/say anything related to his or my job. He's begun to ask questions about where I live and suggest that we should hang out and wink or raise his eyebrows at me. In response, I stare at him with a mixed look of shock and disgust and stutter words related to how I don't think that's a good idea. But seriously...WHAT?

A few days ago, he sat down in my office to talk about nothing, interrupting my day and my workflow. Though I told him I was busy, he didn't leave, so I ignored him and typed forcefully and quickly on my computer. When my boss walked in to ask me a question, he stayed and stared at her as if she was in the wrong for coming into my office and talking about work.

Now, I am happy to be a sweet, nice woman. In fact, it's my default. I am likely too nice and too sweet to too many undeserving men. And I don't know what cocktail of social skills and grace he lacks or why he feels entitled to interrupt my day, ruin my work progress and potentially make my boss uncomfortable, but it's gotten out of control.

Today when he stopped by to smile at me, I said "Please stop stopping by my office." I think that should clear up any confusion.