Monday, November 14, 2016

You don't like to eat pussy??

I have been very lucky in my sex life. Not in my love life, but in my sex life. My partners have almost all been good or great.
I have also been seeing a pattern in certain guys i had sex with, like preferences of positions, dominance, booty slapping. But the most sexy thing about all of them, was that they loved eating me out. LOVED. I can tell they were pussy lovers in general, but they always made it into such an important part of our love making, it makes me feel like a damn Queen.

The beauty of it to me, is to crave eating me out AND still dominate me in bed.... like the perfect balance of you serve me, and through that you gain your power and i serve you.

Until this guy. I actually had almost come to think there were no more guys who didn't eat girls out. Not a single guy that didn't take mad pride into mastering the vagina with their lips and tongue.
But yes. 2016... they are still out there girls! Not extinct!
And so when he did go down on me a couple times, i KNEW it was only to make me happy.... and i just don't find that sexy. It is almost like he doesn't embrace you ALL. As our vagina, like their dicks, are a central part of your sexual selves... it almost makes me feel like you are a kid that finds the "pipi" "gross and eww". And i don't fuck kids.
To top it off, he wasn't good at it.... too rough...too loud.... A damn shame.
So hard to ignore that even-though he was great in bed otherwise.

I mean, how long can you stay with a lover that doesn't eat you out?