Friday, June 22, 2012


"You remember my boyfriend sid that fly kid who i love 
Well our love was often a verb and spontaneity has brought a third 
But do to our youth an economic state we wish to terminate 
About this we don't feel great , but baby that's how it is 
but the feds have dissed me 
They ignore and dismiss 
and the pro-lifers harrass me outside the clinic 
and call me a murderer, now that's hate 
So needless to say we're in a mental state of debate" 
Hey beautiful bird i said digging her somber mood 
The fascists are some heavy dudes 
They don't really give a damn about life 
They just don't want a woman to 
control her body or have the right to choose 
But baby that ain't nothin 
They just want a male finger on the button 
Because if you say war they will send them to die by the score 
aborting mission should be your volition 
But if souter and thomas have their way 
You'll be standing in line unable to get welfare while they're out 
hunting and fishing 
It has always been around it will always have a niche 
But they'll make it a privelege not a right 
Accessible only to the rich 
Pro-lifers should dig themselves 
Cause life doesn't stop after birth 
And to a child born to the unprepared 
It might even just get worse 
Supporters of the h-bomb and fire bombing clinic 
What type of shit is that? orwellian in fact 
If roe v wade was overturned would not the desire remain intact 
Leaving young girls to risk their healths 
and doctors to botch and watch as they kill themselves 
I don't want to sound macabre 
But hey, isn't it my job 
to lay it on the masses and get them off their asses 
To fight against these fascists 
So whatever you decide make that move with pride.
- La Femme Fetal, Digable Planets, 1993.


I lost my favorite didlo. Realized it last night as i had a nice little session planned... Had been in the mood all day and i was looking forward to my time alone with myself and my perfect fantasies.
And as i wad reaching into my "fun drawer": nothing. Well, a lot of stuff but not my favorite boy!
Aaaargh. Had to do with another guy.
But the mystery remains: where the fuck is it???! I remember specifically the last time we had our time together.... So i must have misplaced it!
I just hope i will be the one finding it..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


In a bathing suit you want to banana peel off squeeze the tangerine
Cop a feel french kiss cotton land in between 
The bumper wobbles when Grace Jones it
Kodak lust moments in HD bout to burst cant hold it

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012


Many of us have fuck buddies. They have one job. To fuck you. If they cannot even do that, get rid of them immediately.

If you are not the female equivalent to The Elephant Man, can hold a bit of convo and suck a bit of dick, you should be set.

And yet, you always meet some douchefags. The guys who will stand you up, treat you like a number, pressure you or talk down to you, be completely boring or selfish in bed, and THEN have the audacity to get annoyed when you don't put up with it. It's emotionally manipulative. With common phrases like "You're making such a big deal outta this!", "I lost track of the time. I'm a busy person." or "Wow, you're emotional!!", they're hoping you'll swallow a lot more than semen.

They want you to believe that you don't have options. You do.They're just scared you'll realize it.

Turn 'em down and do it quick, for they are needy and selfish sons of bitches.

There are SO MANY MEN who are giving, adventurous lovers. There are SO MANY MEN who aren't babies about simple shit. There are SO MANY MEN that will fuck the hell out of you exactly the way you want.

My point is, there is enough dick in this city. You don't have to settle for one with two heads.


The other day, I had a man come over and try and chat me up:

Guy: I think you're really beautiful!
Me: Well thank you!
Guy: Your shirt is really funny too. ( I was wearing a shirt that said "Feed My Southmouth". It was a funny t-shirt party).
Me: Haha yeah thanks.
Guy: You came up with that?
Me: Yeah.
Guy: It's super funny, but I must say, if I had a girlfriend, I don't know if I'd be happy with her wearing that.
Me: Maybe that's why you don't have one.

Guy: Haha, maybe yeah. I'm just saying, I'd maybe feel a bit weird about it.
Me: Well hopefully, by the time you get a girlfriend, you'll gain some confidence and a sense of humour.

Guy changes subject.

Guy: You have gorgeous features.
Me: Thank you again!
Guy: You probably get a lot of men hitting on you.
Me: *shrug*
Guy: A girl like you wouldn't like a guy like me. I'm easy going and pretty normal.
Me: Well since you've already made up your mind, there's nothing for me to do here. Have a lovely night! *walks away*