Friday, June 17, 2016


Seventh Generation has a new Tampon Campain and it is the fucking best.

It's a Vagina- Jingle, a Vajingle.

Seventh Generation’s feminine care line is free of fragrances & deodorants so you can keep it free & clear down there. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to Maya’s beautiful voice, and join us as we #ComeClean (in our hoo–has).

Thursday, June 16, 2016


I recently started sleeping with this really young man. 10 whole years younger than me. At first I was very hesitant as I had a lot of issues with it
But as soon as we had sex I figured whatever he's old enough he's very willing and he's very good at what he does.
There are advantages and this advantages to fucking 25-year-old.

- Sweet in very cute way.
- A very beautiful hard in 2 seconds cock.
And it stays hard for very long non-stop time. This one time we were having sex for a good half hour, then he got up coz he needed to catch his breath, went to get two glasses of water drank them, git a towel, wiped his face and went right back at fucking me for another good 30min. That whole 5 minutes break, his dick stayed rock hard. Pretty great. I had forgotten these little details from my 20s.

- Spends time on social media even while with people.
- Talks about girls like a boy not like a man.
- But mostly seems to start to mistake my kindness for some sort of control he thinks he has over this situation.
I treat everyone in my intimate circle with kindness. That is how i am, how i was taught, and how I keep the quality of my relationships with my friends.
But he seems to grow a little over-confident.. And cockiness is NOT cute. 
And I guess he still has to learn that. But that will be the last lesson I'll be teaching him. 
Because boo-boo a beautiful cock is something I truly appreciate but it is not that hard to find, but a kind and considerate man is the real treasure. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I 100% agree.
I have a strong personality and tend to be socially dominant, especially with men. But when it comes to sex: you better take control. I am the boss but in bed, i want you to be the boss.

"We aren’t the women who merely get by in the world using our beauty as a method for achievement; on the contrary, we are women who get by with our brains.
We are whip-smart creatures who expel endless brainpower into everything we do.
We spend our days in a hyper-focused state, penetrating our impressive energy into our work. At the end of the day, we are completely, intellectually drained.
We want to be desired for our bodies, and that’s OK. We don’t want to THINK, we want to feel and get lost in our sexuality.
We are insatiable creatures who want you to be overcome with fiery passion and pent up desire for us.
Just because we’re smart as all hell and often thought of as intimidating doesn’t mean we’re not teeming with sexual hunger from every pore – begging with every fiber of our being for you to take over."
"Because we refuse to be ashamed of our fantasies
Having real girl power means we have confidence in what turns us on. Just because we’re turned on by our partners serving as the dominant energy during sex doesn’t make us any less of a feminist than the girl who gets her rocks off in spanking boys; that’s for damn sure.
Owning your personal fantasy and NOT allowing yourself to feel embarrassed or ashamed for it is what being sex-positive really means.
Because our creativity is connected to our sexuality
It’s come to my attention the general masses don’t quite understand the most powerful of women are also the most creative.
Creativity is the most powerful weapon in all of the land — it’s what moves the world forward; after all, everything in existence was an idea before it came into tangible fruition, right?
We can’t micro-manage or compartmentalize creativity — once we are tapped into that side of ourselves, it overflows into all parts of our lives, sex included.
As powerful, creative women, we have an unstoppable ambition in venturing into unchartered territories.
Experimenting with power dynamics and feeling the rush of new sensations, now that’s sexy.
Because we are taking the power back
The sad truth is as much as society is taking mega strides toward improvement, even in the residence of this relatively safe first-world country, we as women have been made to feel vulnerable for merely existing.
Even the most powerful force of female nature isn’t exactly safe meandering the city streets in the darkness.
The world is chock-full of predators, and denying this unfortunate fact isn’t going to create change.
The sad part is, vulnerability shouldn’t be associated with helplessness because they’re two different things."

via this article yo.

Monday, June 6, 2016


My facebook feed is aghast with the news of a student at Stanford who raped his fellow student while unconscious.

And I cannot bring myself to read another article, to comment again on another status updates or even to talk about it anymore.

Because this keeps happening and I'm tired.

I'm tired of living in a world where rape feels commonplace.

I'm tired of living in a world where we rally around a victim only on social media and then turn and perpetuate rape culture.

At the risk of sounding trite, I went to law school a decade ago full of promise. I learned quickly that the justice system is imperfect because it mirrors our flaws. It is the sum of our choices and biases. And recently, its imperfections (and by default, our flaws) have been made abundantly clear.

We make choices on a daily basis - some good, some bad, most seemingly harmless. But if every one of those choices, in turn, shapes our culture...and our culture is rape culture...are those choices really harmless?

When will this end? I'm tired of rape culture.