Thursday, June 16, 2016


I recently started sleeping with this really young man. 10 whole years younger than me. At first I was very hesitant as I had a lot of issues with it
But as soon as we had sex I figured whatever he's old enough he's very willing and he's very good at what he does.
There are advantages and this advantages to fucking 25-year-old.

- Sweet in very cute way.
- A very beautiful hard in 2 seconds cock.
And it stays hard for very long non-stop time. This one time we were having sex for a good half hour, then he got up coz he needed to catch his breath, went to get two glasses of water drank them, git a towel, wiped his face and went right back at fucking me for another good 30min. That whole 5 minutes break, his dick stayed rock hard. Pretty great. I had forgotten these little details from my 20s.

- Spends time on social media even while with people.
- Talks about girls like a boy not like a man.
- But mostly seems to start to mistake my kindness for some sort of control he thinks he has over this situation.
I treat everyone in my intimate circle with kindness. That is how i am, how i was taught, and how I keep the quality of my relationships with my friends.
But he seems to grow a little over-confident.. And cockiness is NOT cute. 
And I guess he still has to learn that. But that will be the last lesson I'll be teaching him. 
Because boo-boo a beautiful cock is something I truly appreciate but it is not that hard to find, but a kind and considerate man is the real treasure.