Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Recently, i went to see one of my lovers... really i just was in his city and so we continued our usual discoveries and gift-giving.
I have been "seeing" him for 5 years now, every time i go down in that warm city of his.
It should be noted that he is, to this day, my best sex ever. Which is why i continue seeing him, as he also happens to be a really shady guy, "work-wise".

Anyway, this guy is just pure talent and strength. Picking me up like i weigh 3 pounds and puts me in positions that make me feel things i didn't know i could feel that way... it's like he has somekind of 3D vision of his dick and my vagina and always knows how to angle it.
This last time, he managed to impress me yet again. He pulled some crazy areal kamasutra trick, i literally thought i was going to fall on my face(as i was completely oiled up). But no. Of course not, he is that aware.

I was coming out of my shower, putting oil on my body when he comes in, and gives me "that" look... like: girl, you are not going anywhere.
He grabs me, carries me out of the bathroom, brings me up above his head, and turns me like a reverse "dirty-dancing-flying pose" with his face between my legs.
Oh. My.
My mind is trying to catch up to this circus-gymnastic-trick he got me into, but really can't as my body is reacting so strongly to his perfect kissing, sucking and dabbing of my pussy.

Damn boy. You are so talented.