Wednesday, October 11, 2017

To break up with a man that was never yours.

I miss his lips. I miss his skin. I miss his tongue. I miss his eyes. I miss his fingers in my hair. But non of it was real. 

From obsessed to grossed out

When being grossed out by one of your ex’ attempts to cuddle with you reminds you that you can get over any guy.
Isn’t it fascinating how we can, one day be all over one man, and after a disappointment or just time, really can’t stand the thought of his hands on you?
It’s amazing. 
I just went on an improvised road trip with this ex of mine. We have remained friends and so chilling together made sense. I just didn’t realize we were going to end up sharing a hotel room... and a hotel bed. 
That night, even though i had been REALLY clear, he of course tried to “naturally cuddle” while pretending to be asleep. 
I elbowed him so bad it was pathetic to see him pretend it didn’t wake him up and flee to his side of the bed.
That’s the thing, i love to cuddle. And i used to be so into this man when we were seeing each other, back in the day. But if I’m not into you anymore, the idea of you even touching me grosses me out.
I’m currently trying to erase this man from my body... and this weekend reminded me that, with time, it is possible.