Saturday, March 31, 2012


Men are incredible. (and in this case, pretty funny) They just love to turn situations around. Make you feel like YOU did something THEY have created.
So this guy just accused me of doing Voodoo on him via Facebook. Ya.
My dear, all you did is admit you have been Facebook stalking my profile every day for the past months...

Friday, March 30, 2012


In Montreal and the street art captial of the World: Wynwood Miami. Braaap!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Bought this Art Magazine in South Beach…. expensive but oh-so-worth it. It's called S Magazine.
Here is one of my favorite piece.
(photos by Stephane Sednaoui)

Friday, March 23, 2012


I believe there is such a thing as a "Man Of Your Life", (or 2 or 3)
... and i also believe that i will meet him when i'm supposed to meet him.

I don't really mean that in a "Time" type of way, but more in a "Maturity" type of way.

Maturity as in me truly becoming the women i want to be.

I think that in order to really "attract"/meet this amazing man i will marry, i first need to become the amazing woman he will fall in love with.

In other words: to find The Man of your life, you must first become The Woman of your life.

But that's just my personal view of things...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Why those 3 words are so hard to pronounce? Isn't it interesting are those letters when put together and shared, sometimes trigger a sensation of stressful fear?!?! But when heard by the expected party, they give this uncontrollable feeling of excitement, comfort, re-assurance, happiness and so on, so forth... 1 4 3...I learn that everyone wants to to hear it, so i share it! Sharing is Caring...

i love you

Monday, March 19, 2012


I came across a video the other day that made me get up out my chair and slow clap.

Here she is. Elvyna. (Mokobe Dance)

In all her glory, this little blonde French girl is busting a move. I admire her audacity.
After watching, I shared the video, and to my surprise, there was feedback like "Umm, don't you think that's a bit too sexual for a child?" and "Eww, she's grinding."

Huh? Did I miss something? I mean, girly was shaking her bum and all, but I didn't see this as sexual at all! This lead me to wonder how ethnocentric we've truly become. Despite our multiculturalism, we seem to still carry the views of our whiter, more sexually shamed forefathers. Don't get me wrong, if I saw two kids grinding on a dance floor, I'd put a halt to it, but this little girl dancing is nothing like that. This is just African Dance. So why does it freak us out?

There is a reason I love dance. It is freeing. It is an expression of the soul (yes, even the Running Man). It is something so tied to our humanity. Every time we dance, we honour various parts and needs of ourselves. That's why I love African Dance specifically. Where the sexually repressed see this piece as imitating a sexual act, African dancers believe in using the whole body. The arms, the legs, the feet, the pelvis, and the bum, all have equal purpose. The hands and feet cannot move without the midsection. Simple stuff. It is as if they see sexuality as innate, born unto all of us, but more as a life force, an energy. One that needs to come out. IT IS IN US TO MOVE.

We Euro/White-dominant cultures don't boogie like we used to. We have been taught through the centuries to hide away certain regions of our body out of shame. To move less. To cover up and pray for forgiveness. To step away from what has been ignorantly labeled as "primitive". Before colonization, rape, mass murder and so much cultural destruction, African people expressed a spirituality and understanding of the body that was untainted by outside influence. There was a lot less shame attached to certain body parts.

But after thousands of years of brainwashing, what was natural, became perverse. Early colonizers did everything to remove our associations from our African roots. The mind became more worthy than the body. To them, the mind showed us we were greater than the other animals. The body reminded us that we were not. We had felt so powerless to nature for so long. We didn't want to any more. We wanted to WIN. The mind was seen as our way out. So, we disconnected the body from the mind, valuing one and condemning the other. Dance used the body. Therefore, dance was evil. Expression, sinful. And in that moment, our self-hatred snowballed.

But people like Elvyna give me hope; hope that we will come back to what is in our soul. Using the mind and body together is the only way we can allow the soul to speak.

So, to me, Elvyna is honouring humanity before humanity became less human. She moves as freely as our early ancestors did, pre-shaming. Doing what her body wants to, without restriction. Elvyna is not held down by the issues we adults are riddled with. She is just having fun. Something we have forgotten to do.

That deserves another slow clap.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


This post is for Amina Filali.
If you have seen the news lately, you then know that Amina was a 16 year old moroccan girl who committed suicide this week.
Hopefully, her death won't be in vain as it has triggered hundreds of people to protest outside Morocco's parliament in the capital, Rabat, demanding the removal of an article in the country's penal code.
This is the story.
Amina was rapped.
If that wasn't horrible enough, she was forced by her family to marry her rapist. Why? Well, to avoid her the "shame" of being "unmarryable" for ever ( thank you morrocan man ruled society) but really because this way, there is no more crime in the eyes of the law.
See, there is a law in Morocco that absolves the perpetrator of the rape of a minor if he marries the victim.
Yes. Completely fucked up.
So Amina killed herself.
May you rest in peace Amina.
We, women that live in a society that recognizes rape as rape, no matter the situation ( even within a marriage ) are with you, our sisters in Morocco. May you win your battle.

Monday, March 12, 2012


That's me…with a side of abs please.


Dear certain-types-of-guys-i've-recently-"met",
Have you heard of this very interesting word called Foreplay? I know, sounds foreign to you, but it's not.
Here's what it means: getting a girl in the mood.
Now that doesn't ONLY consist of getting me wet by the way, it also and very importantly means to get my MIND aroused as well: this way i'll STAY wet.
So, in other words, don't start right of the batch by saying you want to "put your hard cock in my fucking pussy" after the first kiss. I love dirty talk, don't get me wrong, but there should always be an elevation of the rawness of the words. Start nice, have your gestures mimic the rizing of your exitation. Just like you would go from gently touching my breast through my shirt to sucking on them like a hungry bear that just found a pot of honey, go from "i love your body", to "i love how wet your pussy is".
STEPS is key. Built the heat and take me on a JOURNEY.
Because if you don't, don't question the fact that i didn't come. Or actually, THEN you should wonder if ( because i probably did) i faked my orgasm.
Yes, we do that usually for you to give us a fucking break.


A women is so many things, from Mother to Lover, from Bitch to Friend, from a Wife to Leader. All in one.

Friday, March 9, 2012



Ladies, masturbation is a gift. It is yours forever and you can use it as many times as you want.
It is key to freedom and knowledge of self. Use it endlessly.


I have a small confession to make: i cry every time i break up, or the "thing" or relationship with a boy ends. Weather it's my decision or not, doesn't matter. Thing is, every time i cry, i DECIDE to cry. So there are never spontaneous. Why? Not too sure. I think it's a way for me to make them feel good one last time. Because i was always the one breaking up, i guess it was a way to kiss their ego one last time.


"Teaching "Abstinence Only" in school is not education. It is preaching morality. That's why it's not effective.

As if you could use morality to get teens to not have sex. Ridiculous!!!!"


Guy "How old are ya anyways?"
Me "30. You?"
Guy "30 and single? Why?"
Me "Why what?"
Guy "Why are you single at 30?"
Me "Are you okay?"
Guy "Me??? Yeah what? Why?"
Me "No, I mean mentally..."

* silence*


Monday, March 5, 2012


This is an amazing talk about the importance of Self Esteem and Self empowerment for women.

Why am i posting this on a sex blog you may ask? Well, i believe what she talks about in this video and the attitude of women in the workforce is very much the same when it comes to intimacy, relationship and actually sex.
Let's say there is a problem with The Boy. We always question ourselves before we even, IF we even, question him. We always assume it must be something WE did, BEFORE we even, IF we even, ask ourselves if there is something wrong with him. And so many of us forgive and take so much crap from them and their misbehavior, but as soon as WE act a lil' crazy or stupid, we immediately assume he is going to leave us for good.
" Women systematically underestimated their own abilities."
" Women do not negotiate for themselves in the workforce (and in life most of the time, i might add) men attribute their success to themselves, and women attribute their success to external factors. If you ask men why they did a good job, they'll say: i'm awesome."
Watch this video. Take 20minutes and ask yourself how true that is in you life and if you want to change it.
I know i do. I know i recognized myself in everything she said about women and i'm not proud if it.
We are fucked up. Take 20 minutes and let's fix this sh**t.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


So, the other night, I get really comfy with my partner and we are getting heated. As I'm stroking his penis, we are kissing passionately and I slowly make my way to put my lips on his treasure.  As I come back up, he's erected to the fullest and ready to penetrate me.  But before, I gently and sensually whisper in his ear "Talk dirty to me", he keeps kissing me, and replies gently and softly "YOU tell me something dirty"...I was caught off guard and couldn't come up with anything to say...AHAHA!!! He looked at me and said.."Now you know how I feel"!!! We both burst into laughter...

So ladies my question is this:  What are the dirty things you like to hear in your ear when having sex? and What are the dirty things you like to say?



Thursday, March 1, 2012


I open up a Fortune Cookie after my meal. "Treat everyone how you would like to be treated."

Me: "WHAT?!? I have to finger everyone?!?"