Monday, March 12, 2012


Dear certain-types-of-guys-i've-recently-"met",
Have you heard of this very interesting word called Foreplay? I know, sounds foreign to you, but it's not.
Here's what it means: getting a girl in the mood.
Now that doesn't ONLY consist of getting me wet by the way, it also and very importantly means to get my MIND aroused as well: this way i'll STAY wet.
So, in other words, don't start right of the batch by saying you want to "put your hard cock in my fucking pussy" after the first kiss. I love dirty talk, don't get me wrong, but there should always be an elevation of the rawness of the words. Start nice, have your gestures mimic the rizing of your exitation. Just like you would go from gently touching my breast through my shirt to sucking on them like a hungry bear that just found a pot of honey, go from "i love your body", to "i love how wet your pussy is".
STEPS is key. Built the heat and take me on a JOURNEY.
Because if you don't, don't question the fact that i didn't come. Or actually, THEN you should wonder if ( because i probably did) i faked my orgasm.
Yes, we do that usually for you to give us a fucking break.