Monday, January 30, 2012



Everytime i go to the esthetician to get my bikini done, i have to remember that a little humiliation gets you far in bed.
You ladies know what i'm referring to: the legs over your head position that exposes your precious pussy to the "lady you barely know", in order to get the perfect brazilian. Yeeeaaahh….. NOT so sexy.
Humiliation for 1minute --> humility for the few hours after ( burning between your legs) --> the wonderful feeling if feeling powerfully sexy in bed.
Like the elders would say: "A lil' Humiliation for a lil' Adoration"…or something like that.
Pretty sure Buddha would agree.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Everytime i come, he tells me: "good girl".... I find it funny... Funny-sweet.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


So i've figured out something obvious: you can actually get attached to anything you spend enough time with.
At least for me.
I'm like a giant sponge of emotions that puts love and a bit of myself in pretty much everything i do. It's a good thing in a way because when i'm happy, i'm probably happier then most people's happiness. It also allows me to enjoy the simplest or weirdest moments or things.
But it also makes me somehow get attached to things i really deeply don't care for. Or guys i KNOW i don't have anything in common with or like for their deep qualities. Yes, i could basically fall for a cucumber if i spent enough quality time with it.
Because i knew at first i didn't care that much and because i somehow always think i have my shit under control, i've allowed him to be part of my life (time wise).
Basically: don't confuse habit with love.
So i've decided that i will treat my time like it's precious gold and only give it to people i deeply care for. By deeply care, i mean people that will elevate me, love me and teach me.
Ladies, now i know: Time is Heart.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


If a man does not value knowledge, then he is not worth it.
If he ignores simple things like basic geography, the main event if today's world, and laughs about it instead of trying to change it, there is a big chance he will be ignorant of basic health knowledge too. Like MTSs and the importance of condoms.
Not everyone was blessed with an education, but everyone has the duty to learn and care. In today's world where information is accessible to all, there are no excuses.
Stay away from the ignorant.


The trouble with good sex is that it stays in your head for days....

I see him under me as i walk, feel his tongue inside my thighs when i sit in the bus, taste his lips and breath as i turn my head in the street.... His hands grab me from behind and squeeze my breast as i type this....

The trouble with good sex is that you sometimes confuse it for more than just sex.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


You should never underestimated the power of a beautiful butt.
Everybody know this is true for us ladies but i have to tell you, i have been extremely aroused by a man's butt the other day. Extremely.
He's this guy i had a thing with 10 years ago and we are still good friends. He's this perfect mix of street and proper. Basically, he's a rapper and a banker. I know ladies, wetening.
We were at his studio to lay some tracks and he was coming directly from work.
Hot grey, well cut, BUTT-HUGGING suit.
Made me smile to look at myself look at his ass with these hungry eyes…if only he knew…. he could've had me, there.


I have figured out the perfect relationship with my ex, well, not my ex, but more the last guy i was sleeping with.
I have been sleeping with him in my head, with my fingers and toys every night these last weeks, and i came every time. I could slap the shit out of him, choked him and tell him how upset he has made me.
The best part is that after i came, i was happily alone in my bed without having to hang out with him the next morning.