Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Not all sex toys are created equal. I just learned that the Mmmhhmm-way.

So lately, i have had one of these weeks: the ones that everybody seems to stare at you, want to or just straight up talks to you, smiles at you.
As whenever these days happen, i wonder if it's my outfit...or my energy... or my hair... or my cycle. As we all know we are (supposed to be) more attractive during our ovulation. But I have had these days within my ovulation and out of it. So yes... and no.
In this case, i was in my cycle of ovulation, but only 2 days.... the rest of the week was not.
So i Sherlocked this mystery and started looking into what i had maybe done different....
And there it was: the BIG difference: my new sex-toy.

See i have been mourning my favorite vibrator...and not only is it dead.. it is also discontinued.
But i was not going to let this tragedy get the best of my sexual health, and so i went into a shop, and went through the whole new collections and trends with the sales-guy.
There are these new toys, that are neither dildos nor vibrators. They look a little funny and un-sexy, but their very awesome fonction is everything but a joke: they gently (or less gently lol) suck your clitoris. Like a sweet loving pair of talented lips.
I was a little unsure at first, and decided to try it out, but went for the cheapest (still expensive!) version of it.

And.... OH EM GEE.
I hadn't had such a strong orgasm with a toy EVER.
Not only that, but i realized i hadn't had one of these with a man in a while as well. I've come, yes. Good: yes. But that hard? Like "you have to contains screaming"-hard? Like "you are actually exhausted and need to take a short nap"-hard? Not in a while.
So i used my new best friend every day, fantasizing away.. of this man in my head licking me like he does so well... and i feel that gave me that "glow"... i mean... it just makes sense to me.
I guess we will truly never know.
But i know i am upgrading my toy soon. It is that magical.