Monday, October 29, 2012


My dad bought me a book. He bought me a book on "the impossible art of being female". Understanding that a lot of my men (and therefore, since i'm straight, defining myself as a female in society in love, sex and relationship) come from my view of him and relationship with him ( yes Freud is my dude) i found it very beautiful that my dad cared and understood the sometimes difficult task of being a woman in our society.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012


‎"What is it about young girls that’s so incendiary? That could make “Jailbait” for a time the second most popular search on Reddit, that would ever put the words “12-year-old” and “slut” together? This BS – this dehumanizing crap – can’t just be chalked up to the inherent budding attractiveness of youth and freshness. This goes way, way beyond that particular can of worms. I think it has a whole lot to do with just how deeply engrained the hatred of women is in our culture."

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Figures this could be interesting to more than just one man, pretty sure it's a common question. I've tried my best to answer honestly. It gets a little graphic.

Anonymous asked: "can you expand on this topic. I'm always interested in hearing a womens perspective on penis size. Is length more important, Is width more important. (…)

"Look, it's actually a lil more complex than just a right size.. It first will depend on your partner's vagina.
Her size and inclination. Yes, girls can have their vagina and uterus in different angles! So girls with tight and not too elastic vagegeys will tend to like a smaller dick. Not i've actually had the "inclination" talk with my girls a few days back: i personally hate a curved dick: i like it straight (and VERY hard of course) Now some of my girls disagree, it surely has to do with our own inside angle.
About the size: there is such a thing as too small. Again, we all have our own number for what will qualify as"too small". Too big is bad too: it hurts!If we don't get wet enough: bleeds. Lub can make it go in (lub makes any size go in, it's crazy!) but if the dick it too big, it will still hurt inside! It will bump in our stomach. Trust me, this hurts for days. a girls that tells everybody she "looooves huuuge dicks" (insert annoying voice) is basically telling you she has either a huge vagina or an extremely elastic one!
Width is actually more an important factor for most girls (i know of) we do tend to agree that a thick dick is a good thing, thin being…well less good.
Again, some ladies care about circumcision ( i know i find a cut dick much more attractive) but some really don't care.
Now 2 things i'm pretty sure all girls will agree on: taste and hardness.
A smelly dick is gross. And a guy that can't stay hard is not too cool. Guess you'll have to have a great personality to keep her!
Lil' trick: drink a lot of pineapple juice: it will make your cum taste better (it works). "

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012


"Women say that size doesn't matter but I have yet to meet a woman that owns a 3 inch crooked vibrator."