Saturday, January 17, 2015


And a brilliant point of view of the boyfriend.
(still from LiveFAST)

I like that he will put it bluntly and tell us some truth: what bad sex says about us.
That a woman that has bad sexual experiences sometimes is a little responsible for it.

That allowing ourselves to be having regular sex with bad/selfish lovers is a sign of not respecting ourselves.

And i must say that i agree.
If by any chance, i start making out and foreplaying with a man that is not that into pleasing me as much as him, and making this a great experience (even for one night) i will not go on and sleep with him and fake a headache.
The few times i had bad and uninteresting sex, was early on in my life, when i was still shy (and couldn't really find the words to say what i wanted and what i DIDN'T want) and let's be honest, when i had much less self esteem.

Anyway, I’ve just finished reading Evie’spost on how well I eat pussy. Pretty flattering, *Kanye shrug*. I think I’m really regular – just a gentleman in the sense that ladies always cum first. I don’t think I have any extraordinary talents besides wanting to please my lover. 

From what I have witnessed, girls who are having sex with only rising action and no climax are fucking doods that fall into one of two categories;

One: they’re allowing themselves to be fucked by selfish lovers, or two: are dealing with the inexperience of a weirdo that watches too much/little porn. These kinds of relationships create a weird matrix of women that are literally being left hangingon their orgasms. And what’s worse is they’re out there filling the egos of clueless delusional doods while simultaneously living sexually dysfunctional lives.

This situation tends to remedy itself with age as you tend to come into yourself as a sexual being, but also consider whom you let fuck you. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be trying to understand who you are sexually and what you like. It doesn’t matter whether that means being fussy with who you choose to sleep with, or deciding you prefer the lights on (or off), you deserve an orgasm #feminism.


This is an article i found on the very good and sexy LiveFAST mag. An independent magazine created by one of my beautiful GF.

I’m having some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had in my sexual life.
I want to give all the credit to my current guy because he’s an above-average lover and an actual expert at certain sexual acts (cunnilingus, thank you).
However, I strongly believe that my age has something to do with it. Maybe not age, actually. Maybe more, the stage or phase I’m at in my life, rather.
As a thirty-something woman with a decent string of experience to draw upon, I can confidently say that I am finally getting good at saying what I want, like andneed, sexually speaking.
For example, it’s not an issue for me to tell a guy to “Please take your lovely, pointy finger out of my asshole – I’m more a “go big or go home” kinda girl.”
So, as a woman in the know, I get asked a lot about how to get to that special place. What’s my special orgasm inducing ‘go-to’ move?
Here’s how; My lover kisses his way down my body, lifts my hips up to his mouth, and proceeds to lick and suck my pussy with such intuitive precision, that I almost have to stop myself from cumming immediately. I love it when he puts something nicely-sized (like a butt plug) into my ass, and his lovely, pointy fingers into my pussy at the same time as he’s eating me out. It takes me about 4-10 minutes (depending on many things, including where we are and how much we ate / drank / took) to explode into an earth-shattering, full body climax (and he keeps his mouth on me until my orgasm is over). I should also point out that I don’t HAVE to have the additional penetration or stimulation. He does it for me, merely with his mouth.
Honestly, 99% of the time this technique (by current bae) gets me to where I wanna go. It’s not particularly kinky or unique, and despite my open-mindedness to do pretty much anything, this is the one ‘go-to’ method that equals guaranteed satisfaction for me.
With past lovers, there have been a few other moves that got me there every time, but right now, this is the big winner.
Am I just like other girls? Women often ask me if I orgasm through sex alone, and with the right lover I can. But for me, that’s not the goal, an orgasm during penetration. It’s about the experience as a whole. But I was curious about other women, so I hit up a few friends to tell me about their optimal method of stimulation (with a partner). The game-changer. The sure thing.

Kora, 25yrs old:
For me, if I start by receiving lengthy, thoughtful oral sex, followed by deep penetration (me on the bottom), I will lose muscle control in my face/arms/legs (orgasm). The climax starts with the oral as I don’t think I’ve ever cum just through oral stimulation. I used to only get off if I was on top and doing all the work, but now I really enjoy not doing the work and getting ‘fucked’…it’s just where I’m at now after 4 years of being the dominate person I need this now. Also if I have sex within 30 minutes after cumming, I’ll cum in again in about 5 minutes. Previously, I’d only been with partners the same age as me, but my current lover is 9 years older and it’s the best sexual relationship/experience I’ve had so far in my life. It’s ultimately the person but I think there’s something to the age too.
Nerida, 22yrs old: 
I’m having the most orgasms now, with my current girlfriend.It’s different than the sex I had with men. Usually, when I slept with men, I’d ride on top in order to cum. Now, it’s all about tons of foreplay leading into already dripping wet sex. My favorite act of foreplay is 69ing. I ride waves of pleasure in the 69 position. Basically, it might sound lazy but my guarantee to achieve climax is by being on the receiving end of good oral sex.
Jolene, 27yrs old:
Definite orgasm? On top on him, with fingers in my ass, hair pulled and ass spanked if possible. It’s definitely easier like that, and I can come very fast (but not necessarily better) cause I’m the one in control, so no surprise I guess…but think about it; clit is being rubbed, dick is deep inside plus fingers in the ass – it’s the perfect combo to work out every sensible nerve there is. I can cum using that combination regardless if i’m with a regular partner or through casual sex because it’s 100% physical stimulation.
Vera, 31 yrs old: 
I’m kind of strange in that I orgasm really easily. It’s kind of a joke. Sometimes, three thrusts and I’m already done (like a man!). I love to cum through oral sex whilst being fingered. I cum THAT much quicker if I’m being fingered too. I don’t like masturbating or touching myself during sex though. Maybe I’m extra-senstive, but that’s just not my thing.
Heather, 36yrs old: 
I have two things that will guarantee my orgasm. One is butt-play or anal. The other is scissoring. So, butt-play – I love the feeling of being ‘filled-up’. If you put a vibrator into my ass (not switched on until it’s inside) and then go down on me, finger my clit or slowly fuck my pussy, I’ll have a very intense orgasm. Same if you fuck me (the right way) in my ass, I”ll play with my clit and cum like crazy. I also love when my dude splits my legs and we essentially scissor fuck. My clit is being rubbed on one of his thighs, I’m stimulating the under-side of his dick and balls (and almost butt-hole) with my thighs which he likes A LOT, and the penetration is deep. (This has also worked with a woman & a strap-on.) Plus we can see each other, and I love to watch his build up to orgasm too. Seeing him (or her) lose control is guaranteed make me dripping wet.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Please do not refer to my Vagina as "her" while we are having sex. It's me, you are fucking ME, not her.
Huurrrh, so annoying and weird.