Wednesday, June 14, 2017


There is no saddest sight in the world than a pile of used condoms wasted on a limp dick.
Staring at you from your night table like the echo of your disappointment ..

Saturday, May 20, 2017


To find your lace thong from the night before.... laying proud and exhausted from a night of passion... wet from my cum... our sweat... his saliva...
What a beautiful sight.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


So i have been trying to get this useless man out of my mind. But like a corny annoying badly written song, he is stuck in my head.
So i have decided to take this purging to the next level.
I have been in touch with an ex. A great ex. And thankfully for me, a way better in bed ex.
So this morning, to start my day right, i decided to touch myself to this ex. 
Wasn't easy at first as it wasn't fully organic but.... it worked. 
And my orgasm was amazing.
* Patting myself on the shoulder *

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The lose lose situation

I fell for a man. Hard. Although this should be good as i haven't cared for a man in years, it is, to me, a catastrophy. 
This situation is the worst i could ever be in. 
Why? Well: he happens to be one of the best friends of the man who raped me years ago. And he doesn't know. Nobody knows. I live frightened in the thought i could bump into him. 
I am so afraid i have to let him go. Even though he is the only man i want right now. 
I see no solutions. I am trapped, yet again by this man i hate. Years later. Still trapped.

Friday, April 7, 2017


Recently, i have been missing that un-interesting, immature fuckboy i had been sleeping with.

Because i miss the crazy, just violent enough sex we used to have all over my apartment.

That "fucking so wild" all of my furniture was literally completely displaced sex.

That "please let me suck you dick because it is so beautiful" sex.
That "damn you are so un-interesting but can you grab and take me from behind already" sex.

I miss his big sure hands, his big juicy lips, his alway so-hard dick...

That shut the fuck up and fuck me boy.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Recently, i have met the 3rd specimen of this very strange and (thankfully) rare breed of men: the very handsome, very popular and very "cool" man that SOMEHOW can't do shit in bed.

Seriously, i don't get it. This 3rd man in question, is older, very good looking, extremely popular with the ladies, has had loads of girlfriends and is emotionally very articulate. An amazing prospect i thought.


The moment we finally got together, the second we kissed, the evening i slept over.... i realized sci-fi can take so many forms.
The dude lay over me like a bag of sand. Barely caressed anything else than my vagina and didn't even know how to properly grab my ass. Even after i asked AND showed him (in a cute sexy girl trying to not harm men's ego way). I even tried the "let's get a tiny kinky" to see if maybe he was just shy.. (it had happened to me with an ex, 1st time was terrible because he was afraid to let go his kinky self).. but no.
And after HE came..'coz obviously, i didn't, he lay there, feeling like an olympic champion, like "damn we just made love". Completely unaware of my face of shock/disappointment.

The only type of sexual scenario where you are not mad he doesn't go all night.

Damn boy, how did all these ladies stand to stay with you more than a few days??

Sci-fi is real people.

Thursday, December 8, 2016



Things work in weird ways sometimes...
So i have been really frustrated with this guy i was seeing... great qualities but damn he could piss me off. By his immaturity, his lack of awareness and above all, his lack of pussy-licking.
And this week, this ex of mine shows up in town.... and reminds me of everything i loved about mature, older, classy PUSSY-EATING men.
Goodness, it's like God felt sorry for me. So he send me everything i lacked for one good week of getting back to my good happy self.
But what is funny, is that he is JUST that, what i lacked. I have no feelings for him, we are just really good friends. I am literally just refueling in great conversations, quality dates, non-stop cuddling and affection and great pussy-eating. We don't even have sex every time, he just can't get enough of making me come on his mouth. And that my friends, is a real talent, as very few knowledgable men have that gift.
His hands all over your ass cheeks, your breasts, his tongues playing with your clit like a raver on extasy...That talent of reading your body shivers, interpretating your moans, and loving what he does so much that it makes any inch of self-conciousness you may have left, dissapear. Once you see yourself through HIS desire, his lips deeply into your pussy, there is no way not to come.
As he leaves, you see this face of victory of the man that takes pride in making you smile after coming.
And for that, i am very thankful.

Don't ever under-estimate the power of the great Pussy-Eating Master.

Monday, November 14, 2016

You don't like to eat pussy??

I have been very lucky in my sex life. Not in my love life, but in my sex life. My partners have almost all been good or great.
I have also been seeing a pattern in certain guys i had sex with, like preferences of positions, dominance, booty slapping. But the most sexy thing about all of them, was that they loved eating me out. LOVED. I can tell they were pussy lovers in general, but they always made it into such an important part of our love making, it makes me feel like a damn Queen.

The beauty of it to me, is to crave eating me out AND still dominate me in bed.... like the perfect balance of you serve me, and through that you gain your power and i serve you.

Until this guy. I actually had almost come to think there were no more guys who didn't eat girls out. Not a single guy that didn't take mad pride into mastering the vagina with their lips and tongue.
But yes. 2016... they are still out there girls! Not extinct!
And so when he did go down on me a couple times, i KNEW it was only to make me happy.... and i just don't find that sexy. It is almost like he doesn't embrace you ALL. As our vagina, like their dicks, are a central part of your sexual selves... it almost makes me feel like you are a kid that finds the "pipi" "gross and eww". And i don't fuck kids.
To top it off, he wasn't good at it.... too rough...too loud.... A damn shame.
So hard to ignore that even-though he was great in bed otherwise.

I mean, how long can you stay with a lover that doesn't eat you out?

Thursday, September 8, 2016


When you are so mad at a guy, you can't even find the concentration to touch yourself in order to relax. THE. WORST. 
Omg i hate him even more. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016


"Good morning! And how are you today?" He goes. 
"Great, thank you" I answer as i step into my usual coffee shop. "Fucking frustrated!" I think so lound in my head, i fear someone actually heard my thought.
And as i walk outside to the terrasse to sit and drink my first warm thing to enter my body since yesterday's date, i discretely stare at every man there, wondering if, them too, make their partners so fucking sexually frustrated.
Probably not. As this is the very first time in my life I actually have to say "I would like to actually have sex" or "can we make out"
Ya. This man i have been seing is starting to drive me nuts. It's like he keeps wanting to be closer but keeps teasing me with sexualy and physical attention. I have to ask for it. I always have to start it. And he always makes me feel like some-kind of nympho. And i am no nympho. I love sex, but not to a medically diagnosed level. I mean, in 4 months we only had sex 5 times. FIVE TIMES. That would give me a big 15 times in a year if we continue on this road. LUCKY FUCKING ME. 
I hate not feeling desired. But every time I decide to stop seeing him, he seems to get into a reality check panic mode and changes drastically. Make up your mind dude. Let me also say that i am no dirty, smelly, unattractive or socially dependent girl. Quite the opposite and i really do have a real choice of men that would LOVE to be with me or just fuck me if that's all they could get. 
And the worst thing is, this guy really likes kissing me, and loves fucking me. But it's like he is playing some-kind of young virgin game, in order to have me be more serious or something. Like he told me the other day "why do we always have to have sex when we see each other, can't we chill? I miss hanging out and going to eat and stuff." 
Dude, want to go eat, fucking take me out. 
And sex is not somesort of bonus cookie you give someone as a sometimes reward in a relationship, sex is the most intimate form of being with someone, of experiencing someone's presence and energy, it is intense, sharing and beautiful. 
I guess if he doesn't get that, then i need to find someone that does. 
I need another coffee.

Friday, July 29, 2016


I just realized i have this weird thing about men that are really into clothes. A man that knows and is more into shopping than me, turn off.