Monday, July 30, 2012


I think it's safe to say that women check out men as much as men check out women. I know I do.

I tend to do the ups-and-downzies when he is busy doing something. Like tinkering with a cash register. Trying to organize a burrito going gracefully into his mouth. Or juggling a newspaper, a coffee, and a briefcase at once.

Forgive me, but I find those moments take a man from cute to hot. When men are just "doing stuff". Everyday stuff. I like watching their fingers rifle through the pages of a graphic novel excitedly and their gestures when striking up a convo with a homeless man. Folding their wildly patterned undies at the laundry. Petting a random dog outside the video rental. Squeezing fruit unnecessarily at the grocery store.Weird I know, but completely adorable on their part. It's the quirks that make a man sexy, if you ask me.

I'm a quiet checker-outer. I like forearms. Beards. Tree-trunk legs. Soft eyes. Regular guys. Non-model guys. I love when a strong-looking man has a warm face. You have no idea the things I would do to you.

I don't really know the point of this article I'm writing, other than to let the men out there know that we women love it when you are just being you. It can be quite captivating and completely endearing.

At least, this woman thinks so.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Mr. Wrong Close Call

Phew! That was close.

I almost had another dead-end relationship with a meh guy.
I have a tendency of getting comfortable way too quick cause I'm a pretty easy going gal.
Anyways turns out he still has a thing for his ex, which is great cause that could've been a long pointless fling cause I wasn't really into him in the first place, I just liked the attention.

Ya I know! I need to stop doing that.

I was telling my big bro about the situation and he gave me some pretty good advice that I'm planning on applying and felt like sharing: 'Stop picking out of the batch of guys that choose you. You don't have to settle for that cause you have much more to offer. Find the guy YOU want and then work at showing him he wants you too.'

I'm a little old school in my mentality so I usually only notice a guy after he's noticed me (and im a little clueless to come-ons so he literally has to ask me out) so this new method may be hard for me to adjust to but I'm up for the challenge.

From today on I'M the one on the hunt.
(Hopefully when I see the one I like he's instantly attracted to me too cause I'm really not big on chase games) 

Now the only question is, where the hell are the Big fishes at?!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Me and a friend were sitting down having a pint when dating came up suddenly:

Her: What's up with guys getting freaked out when you ask them, "Where do we stand?" , "Where is this going?"?

Me: I'm not 100% sure.

Her: I'll tell ya what they think, they think that JUST because you are asking them if the relationship is going anywhere, that you want to fucking marry them! WHY?!?!?! I'm not asking to be with you forever, buddy! I just want to know if I should stop letting other dicks get inside of me!

HEAD 101

I'm gonna go ahead and dust my shoulders off right now cause if there is one thing I know about my self sexually is that I give helllllla good head!

Since I'm probably the most open about my sex life in my group of friends that has lead many people to ask me 'what tricks do you use?' 'how long do you do it for?' 'Don't you get tired!' 'Don't you find it kind of disrespectful?' and from my male counterparts they're always asking me 'is sucking of licking better?' 'should I finger her at the same time?' 'what position do you like it in best?' etc.

Honestly when I hear all these questions I'm impressed by the enthusiasm but frustrated about the lack of sensuality. 

There's no trick move or method that works better than others. We all have way too many unique wants and likes for it to work like that but what I can say is that you can only give good head if you like (scratch that) LOVE giving head! 

See I started giving head pretty early in my teens, not at all cause i was pressured into it but literally cause when he pulled out that badboy all I wanted to do was put my mouth over it. I personally find it extremely hot and empowering to give someone head. I get turned on from seeing him lose his shit and genuinely like the feeling in my mouth. I never had to ask myself if I wanted to swallow or spit (I'll let your imagination decide which camp i fall in) and I definitely never wonder what to do next. I never give head if I'm not in the mood and I've always received standing ovations ;) 

As for getting head I have to admit it took a while for me to get comfortable with the process but the best head I've gotten was always from guys who were clearly confident about what they were doing and were having a great time doing it too. There's no technique I like more than others (im really not down for biting tho :/) and probably wouldn't even be able to describe the best head I've gotten on a technical level. 

So what's the secret to good head? Enjoying it! enjoy receiving it, enjoy giving it and stop using your brain so damn much. Reconnect with your oral fixation, take your time eating fruits, lick up that ice cream and totally fall in love with the capabilities of your tongue. Once you get to the point that you are literally turned on by how you use your tongue that's when you'll be give the most outrageous Head. And when you get there.. Call me ;)


Sunday, July 22, 2012


A friend of mine just came back from an amazing year of travelling the south american world and well obviously she came with a whole lot of juicy sex stories (i'll share some soon promise) but she did have one major complaint...'where the fuck is your condom at?!'

Now I've done my fair share of travelling too and I have to admit travel sex has often lead to unsafe sex for me too, which is so stupid cause that's when you probably want to be practicing the safest sex cause let's be honest you met this guy 20mins ago! Fortunately I've never had to deal with the horror of an STD and after my first serie of Eurotrip Sexcapades I promised myself to always have condoms with me all the time and havent't looked back since. My friend, however, is still under the impression that a) it's the guy's responsibility b) it gives off a slut vibe if you always have a condom ready and c) that if he doesn't want to use it then it's ok to give in. 

To that I say wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

First off, if you're willingly having sex with someone it only makes since that you share some of the responsibility so enough of this he's the one with a penis bullshit. Plus if you're the one with the condoms you can get the ones you actually enjoy rather the cheapest crappiest brand that he's probably rolling with. As for the slut vibe thing, Honey it wasn't the condoms that made you seem like a slut its the fact that you opened your legs to him just he was a tall handsome dark stranger who lite your cigarette. Either you embrace the fact that you are a fox on the hunt or stop hunting. Being proactive about your sex life isn't slutty its smart and attractive. If that guy you're about to sleep doesn't agree he's probably worthless in bed anyway cause he won't care to give you that good loving as his equal.

Now, the he-doesnt-want-to-use-one excuse is what really pushed me off the edge! How the hell are you gonna let some random ass dude (or any guy as a matter fact) tell you what's going into your vagina?! if he cant keep it hard with a condom he ain't gonna be that good, if he cant stand the sensation, he's a selfish loser who wont please you at all!, if he's 'allergic' than why doesn't he have the custom made ones? I mean honestly I could refute every possible reason they could have for not wanting to use a condom but I think it really boils down to 'did you want to use a condom?' cause from personal experience I feel like we blame the lack of condom on the guy so we can have guilt-free dick pulsing on your walls sex, which is fine but let's start being honest about it so then we can at least weigh out the consequences.

Was that 3 pump fuck really worth getting genital herpes for? Was the feel of his tip breaking into you really worth getting pregnant for? Is park sex really worth getting Aids for?

If those options don't really balance out for you I suggest you start taking control of your sex life and invest some good thin ribbed condoms that you ALWAYS carry with you cause who knows when you might run into your D'Angelo.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Guys, don't EVER say the word "vagina" on a first date.
Just don't.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I know, it's a SATC episode title but i actually love that episode 'Cause it talks about a common girl problem: we always make excuses for a guy when he's obviously not reacting to us like he really likes us. Anyway, this quote my girl posted on facebook made me laugh so hard…. like this exact problem: Gozilla size.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I want to find a man that is going to fall in love with my soul. I'm not interested in anything less.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I recall this one time I was sexin' this guy.

He really was not the best in bed but sex was good and i came every time. Now it wasn't because of his skills (he was more of the lazy type), it was because he had a good dick. and all i had to do is throw him around and have my way with him and:  jackpot.

Now back to this one time he annoyed me.
We had just started and had nice flow going and suddenly he says " So should we change sex positions?"

Ugh fellas please don't ever ask, just DO!!! No girl wants to hear that at it's amateur. Don't tell us, just flip it and reverse it, we'll understand and we sure will like it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Respect my Body
Adore my Pussy
It is the Birthplace of Humanity.


I'm living a real tragedy.
I know, this may sound dramatic, but this is seriously making me feel sad.
I'm having a fantasy drouth, a fabulous dream vacancy.
I have been so underwealmed with men lately (not so much physically nor even sex-wise, but character-wise) that i littereally CAN NOT touch myself anymore.
Let me lay the tragic scene down for you:
i get home from a full day and i really hear my body asking for Some.
I go to my bed, get my never-decieving-toy out, put some nice RnB on, and start caressing my body…but as i'm trying to lay out an erotic scene, i fail to find ANY male character to do me. I usually mix a few of my past partners up, keeping their best qualities and BAM: hot dude with beautiful hard dick ready to go over any obstacle to put it in my pussy.
I feel like i'm in the first Back 2 the Future movie and my male fantasies are blurring away, like on Marty's photograph...
... it's been 2 weeks…. and i really don't know how to "fix" this. I need a new man, or a few, in order to find my magic girl-self-power again.
Meanwhile, i'm a little sad.