Sunday, July 22, 2012


A friend of mine just came back from an amazing year of travelling the south american world and well obviously she came with a whole lot of juicy sex stories (i'll share some soon promise) but she did have one major complaint...'where the fuck is your condom at?!'

Now I've done my fair share of travelling too and I have to admit travel sex has often lead to unsafe sex for me too, which is so stupid cause that's when you probably want to be practicing the safest sex cause let's be honest you met this guy 20mins ago! Fortunately I've never had to deal with the horror of an STD and after my first serie of Eurotrip Sexcapades I promised myself to always have condoms with me all the time and havent't looked back since. My friend, however, is still under the impression that a) it's the guy's responsibility b) it gives off a slut vibe if you always have a condom ready and c) that if he doesn't want to use it then it's ok to give in. 

To that I say wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

First off, if you're willingly having sex with someone it only makes since that you share some of the responsibility so enough of this he's the one with a penis bullshit. Plus if you're the one with the condoms you can get the ones you actually enjoy rather the cheapest crappiest brand that he's probably rolling with. As for the slut vibe thing, Honey it wasn't the condoms that made you seem like a slut its the fact that you opened your legs to him just he was a tall handsome dark stranger who lite your cigarette. Either you embrace the fact that you are a fox on the hunt or stop hunting. Being proactive about your sex life isn't slutty its smart and attractive. If that guy you're about to sleep doesn't agree he's probably worthless in bed anyway cause he won't care to give you that good loving as his equal.

Now, the he-doesnt-want-to-use-one excuse is what really pushed me off the edge! How the hell are you gonna let some random ass dude (or any guy as a matter fact) tell you what's going into your vagina?! if he cant keep it hard with a condom he ain't gonna be that good, if he cant stand the sensation, he's a selfish loser who wont please you at all!, if he's 'allergic' than why doesn't he have the custom made ones? I mean honestly I could refute every possible reason they could have for not wanting to use a condom but I think it really boils down to 'did you want to use a condom?' cause from personal experience I feel like we blame the lack of condom on the guy so we can have guilt-free dick pulsing on your walls sex, which is fine but let's start being honest about it so then we can at least weigh out the consequences.

Was that 3 pump fuck really worth getting genital herpes for? Was the feel of his tip breaking into you really worth getting pregnant for? Is park sex really worth getting Aids for?

If those options don't really balance out for you I suggest you start taking control of your sex life and invest some good thin ribbed condoms that you ALWAYS carry with you cause who knows when you might run into your D'Angelo.