Monday, July 23, 2012

HEAD 101

I'm gonna go ahead and dust my shoulders off right now cause if there is one thing I know about my self sexually is that I give helllllla good head!

Since I'm probably the most open about my sex life in my group of friends that has lead many people to ask me 'what tricks do you use?' 'how long do you do it for?' 'Don't you get tired!' 'Don't you find it kind of disrespectful?' and from my male counterparts they're always asking me 'is sucking of licking better?' 'should I finger her at the same time?' 'what position do you like it in best?' etc.

Honestly when I hear all these questions I'm impressed by the enthusiasm but frustrated about the lack of sensuality. 

There's no trick move or method that works better than others. We all have way too many unique wants and likes for it to work like that but what I can say is that you can only give good head if you like (scratch that) LOVE giving head! 

See I started giving head pretty early in my teens, not at all cause i was pressured into it but literally cause when he pulled out that badboy all I wanted to do was put my mouth over it. I personally find it extremely hot and empowering to give someone head. I get turned on from seeing him lose his shit and genuinely like the feeling in my mouth. I never had to ask myself if I wanted to swallow or spit (I'll let your imagination decide which camp i fall in) and I definitely never wonder what to do next. I never give head if I'm not in the mood and I've always received standing ovations ;) 

As for getting head I have to admit it took a while for me to get comfortable with the process but the best head I've gotten was always from guys who were clearly confident about what they were doing and were having a great time doing it too. There's no technique I like more than others (im really not down for biting tho :/) and probably wouldn't even be able to describe the best head I've gotten on a technical level. 

So what's the secret to good head? Enjoying it! enjoy receiving it, enjoy giving it and stop using your brain so damn much. Reconnect with your oral fixation, take your time eating fruits, lick up that ice cream and totally fall in love with the capabilities of your tongue. Once you get to the point that you are literally turned on by how you use your tongue that's when you'll be give the most outrageous Head. And when you get there.. Call me ;)