Saturday, April 15, 2017

The lose lose situation

I fell for a man. Hard. Although this should be good as i haven't cared for a man in years, it is, to me, a catastrophy. 
This situation is the worst i could ever be in. 
Why? Well: he happens to be one of the best friends of the man who raped me years ago. And he doesn't know. Nobody knows. I live frightened in the thought i could bump into him. 
I am so afraid i have to let him go. Even though he is the only man i want right now. 
I see no solutions. I am trapped, yet again by this man i hate. Years later. Still trapped.

Friday, April 7, 2017


Recently, i have been missing that un-interesting, immature fuckboy i had been sleeping with.

Because i miss the crazy, just violent enough sex we used to have all over my apartment.

That "fucking so wild" all of my furniture was literally completely displaced sex.

That "please let me suck you dick because it is so beautiful" sex.
That "damn you are so un-interesting but can you grab and take me from behind already" sex.

I miss his big sure hands, his big juicy lips, his alway so-hard dick...

That shut the fuck up and fuck me boy.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Recently, i have met the 3rd specimen of this very strange and (thankfully) rare breed of men: the very handsome, very popular and very "cool" man that SOMEHOW can't do shit in bed.

Seriously, i don't get it. This 3rd man in question, is older, very good looking, extremely popular with the ladies, has had loads of girlfriends, was even married, and is emotionally very articulate. An amazing prospect i thought.


The moment we finally got together, the second we kissed, the evening i slept over.... i realized sci-fi can take so many forms.
The dude lay over me like a bag of sand. Barely caressed anything else than my vagina and didn't even know how to properly grab my ass. Even after i asked AND showed him (in a cute sexy girl trying to not harm men's ego way). I even tried the "let's get a tiny kinky" to see if maybe he was just shy.. (it had happened to me with an ex, 1st time was terrible because he was afraid to let go his kinky self).. but no.
And after HE came..'coz obviously, i didn't, he lay there, feeling like an olympic champion, like "damn we just made love". Completely unaware of my face of shock/disappointment.

The only type of sexual scenario where you are not mad he doesn't go all night.

Damn boy, how did all these ladies stand to stay with you more than a few days??

Sci-fi is real people.