Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm living a real tragedy.
I know, this may sound dramatic, but this is seriously making me feel sad.
I'm having a fantasy drouth, a fabulous dream vacancy.
I have been so underwealmed with men lately (not so much physically nor even sex-wise, but character-wise) that i littereally CAN NOT touch myself anymore.
Let me lay the tragic scene down for you:
i get home from a full day and i really hear my body asking for Some.
I go to my bed, get my never-decieving-toy out, put some nice RnB on, and start caressing my body…but as i'm trying to lay out an erotic scene, i fail to find ANY male character to do me. I usually mix a few of my past partners up, keeping their best qualities and BAM: hot dude with beautiful hard dick ready to go over any obstacle to put it in my pussy.
I feel like i'm in the first Back 2 the Future movie and my male fantasies are blurring away, like on Marty's photograph...
... it's been 2 weeks…. and i really don't know how to "fix" this. I need a new man, or a few, in order to find my magic girl-self-power again.
Meanwhile, i'm a little sad.