Friday, July 27, 2012

A Mr. Wrong Close Call

Phew! That was close.

I almost had another dead-end relationship with a meh guy.
I have a tendency of getting comfortable way too quick cause I'm a pretty easy going gal.
Anyways turns out he still has a thing for his ex, which is great cause that could've been a long pointless fling cause I wasn't really into him in the first place, I just liked the attention.

Ya I know! I need to stop doing that.

I was telling my big bro about the situation and he gave me some pretty good advice that I'm planning on applying and felt like sharing: 'Stop picking out of the batch of guys that choose you. You don't have to settle for that cause you have much more to offer. Find the guy YOU want and then work at showing him he wants you too.'

I'm a little old school in my mentality so I usually only notice a guy after he's noticed me (and im a little clueless to come-ons so he literally has to ask me out) so this new method may be hard for me to adjust to but I'm up for the challenge.

From today on I'M the one on the hunt.
(Hopefully when I see the one I like he's instantly attracted to me too cause I'm really not big on chase games) 

Now the only question is, where the hell are the Big fishes at?!