Sunday, March 4, 2012


So, the other night, I get really comfy with my partner and we are getting heated. As I'm stroking his penis, we are kissing passionately and I slowly make my way to put my lips on his treasure.  As I come back up, he's erected to the fullest and ready to penetrate me.  But before, I gently and sensually whisper in his ear "Talk dirty to me", he keeps kissing me, and replies gently and softly "YOU tell me something dirty"...I was caught off guard and couldn't come up with anything to say...AHAHA!!! He looked at me and said.."Now you know how I feel"!!! We both burst into laughter...

So ladies my question is this:  What are the dirty things you like to hear in your ear when having sex? and What are the dirty things you like to say?