Monday, March 5, 2012


This is an amazing talk about the importance of Self Esteem and Self empowerment for women.

Why am i posting this on a sex blog you may ask? Well, i believe what she talks about in this video and the attitude of women in the workforce is very much the same when it comes to intimacy, relationship and actually sex.
Let's say there is a problem with The Boy. We always question ourselves before we even, IF we even, question him. We always assume it must be something WE did, BEFORE we even, IF we even, ask ourselves if there is something wrong with him. And so many of us forgive and take so much crap from them and their misbehavior, but as soon as WE act a lil' crazy or stupid, we immediately assume he is going to leave us for good.
" Women systematically underestimated their own abilities."
" Women do not negotiate for themselves in the workforce (and in life most of the time, i might add) men attribute their success to themselves, and women attribute their success to external factors. If you ask men why they did a good job, they'll say: i'm awesome."
Watch this video. Take 20minutes and ask yourself how true that is in you life and if you want to change it.
I know i do. I know i recognized myself in everything she said about women and i'm not proud if it.
We are fucked up. Take 20 minutes and let's fix this sh**t.