Sunday, March 18, 2012


This post is for Amina Filali.
If you have seen the news lately, you then know that Amina was a 16 year old moroccan girl who committed suicide this week.
Hopefully, her death won't be in vain as it has triggered hundreds of people to protest outside Morocco's parliament in the capital, Rabat, demanding the removal of an article in the country's penal code.
This is the story.
Amina was rapped.
If that wasn't horrible enough, she was forced by her family to marry her rapist. Why? Well, to avoid her the "shame" of being "unmarryable" for ever ( thank you morrocan man ruled society) but really because this way, there is no more crime in the eyes of the law.
See, there is a law in Morocco that absolves the perpetrator of the rape of a minor if he marries the victim.
Yes. Completely fucked up.
So Amina killed herself.
May you rest in peace Amina.
We, women that live in a society that recognizes rape as rape, no matter the situation ( even within a marriage ) are with you, our sisters in Morocco. May you win your battle.