Monday, June 4, 2012


Many of us have fuck buddies. They have one job. To fuck you. If they cannot even do that, get rid of them immediately.

If you are not the female equivalent to The Elephant Man, can hold a bit of convo and suck a bit of dick, you should be set.

And yet, you always meet some douchefags. The guys who will stand you up, treat you like a number, pressure you or talk down to you, be completely boring or selfish in bed, and THEN have the audacity to get annoyed when you don't put up with it. It's emotionally manipulative. With common phrases like "You're making such a big deal outta this!", "I lost track of the time. I'm a busy person." or "Wow, you're emotional!!", they're hoping you'll swallow a lot more than semen.

They want you to believe that you don't have options. You do.They're just scared you'll realize it.

Turn 'em down and do it quick, for they are needy and selfish sons of bitches.

There are SO MANY MEN who are giving, adventurous lovers. There are SO MANY MEN who aren't babies about simple shit. There are SO MANY MEN that will fuck the hell out of you exactly the way you want.

My point is, there is enough dick in this city. You don't have to settle for one with two heads.