Monday, June 3, 2013


So here is a funny story.
And by funny, i mean seriously stupid.

Actor Michael Douglas, also know to be an actor we havn't seen in a good movie since the late 90s, recently blamed his throat cancer to....... eating women out.


Well, that is not only "funny" but i seem to remember that he was recently talked about (again, not for his acting carrier) because he had to attend a Sex Detox Clinic (the rich and famous bored people's problems' clinic) because he was said to be a "sex addict".

That would mean that he was most probably fucking an enormous amount of random chicks, all the fucking time... something normal people call "being a man-whore" and that has a TENDENCY TO GIVE YOU STDs. (seems he says it's an STD that turned into cancer)

So dude, don't give us the "i am a victim of being a wonderful lover to my wife " bullshit.

Douglas has also been known to be a heavy smoker and drinker, two factors that are the most common causes of oral cancer.... But no, it must be from eating pussy.