Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So we finally did it. With this guy i had been having virtual sex with for nearly 6 months now... Sexting, photos, WhatsApp, Videos, Skype....i met him for the first time while i was in Paris last week.

It was so weird because it felt like we knew each other so well even though it was the first time we ever saw each other.
It took us literally less than 2 minutes before we where all over each other.
He smelled exactly like i had imagined it. His lips were softer, his hands smaller and he was not quite as cute as through a screen... but it didn't matter.. our connexion turned out to be mad real.
It was so easy, so natural as we both knew exactly what the other one liked, how he liked it.

For a sweaty and intense hour and a half, we had sex. Very open and magical sex.
It was an honest, wild and intense trip. With a man i had met just 2 minutes before.

Now we are both back to our lives.

Feels unreal. Like we had a glimpse of a parallel life we where lovers in.