Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today at yoga practice, the unusual almost happened: a hot hot man put down his mat right next to me. I say almost because he almost got me to switch my focus on him instead of my practice.
Tall, beautiful face, short beard, long hair in a somehow masculine bun, georgeous body, abs ( my girls would know why i say that, i have a thing with stomachs), peeeeeerfect shinny skin ( like perfect, nor a scar, just the perfect amount of hair, not even a pimple on his back), nice muscular legs and butt..........
Wtf. Guys, this is not 1973 anymore, you gotta keep clean everywhere. And fucking with socks is a no-no. Get your balls together and understand that going to get a pedicure ( or learn how to do it yourself) a few times a year is a must.