Monday, February 25, 2013


We are the builders and the citizen of a whole new world.

The virtual-2.0-instant-gratifying-fake-yet-real-somehow-world.
Most of us have spend a lot of time polishing and defining our online persona that sometimes seems to even have a life on it's own.
And as in the real world, you "meet" people there.
On Facebook, Twitter and…Instagram. Yes, i met people through Instagram.

This one guy in particular.

Liked like 15 of my pics, checked him out, seemed cool, started talking.

One thing leading to another, and we exchanged numbers to talk via WhatsApp (we live on 2 different continents). What started like a fun silly game became crazy sexy.
We started texting….and arousing each other with written words. Then…a picture…then two.
A few days later, the tension had build up…and we started sending each other voice notes…with erotic demands, erotic thoughs…moans….breaths.
Whats'App is amazing as you see when he received it, and when he read it…and so you get this play by play sensual tension… which finally led to videos. I just couldn't get enough… waiting for his name to appear on my screen, knowing i was going to end up touching myself imagining this stranger... with him listening.. and watching.

The amazing thing is that you keep the entire step-by-step erotic built up with a REAL partner…that still stays in you head.
You get the perfectness of the fantasy and the tension and intensity of the real partner reacting to you.

I spend an entire month glued to my phone… getting wet at his first "good morning" and crossing my legs at any compliments. And whenever i felt like re-living it, i didn't even need him live anymore…i just had to go to my own little replay. His words, his dick…and most of all: the lust i heard in his voice would get me off every single time.

This was, the best gift in the World.