Tuesday, December 20, 2011


...but do it WELL please.

See, i'm all for men that keep it clean. First, it makes your dick look bigger but it also makes it somewhat available for deep licking.

Thing is, as we ladies know, shaving is tricky. (I personally never shaved; waxing or now, the magic of laser.) If it is done properly and carefully: you penis area is gonna be as smooth and kissable as a baby's ass.

Now if it is done a day to early: ouch.
There is nothing worse that riding and rubbing on small harsh crutch hair! Our pussy is de-li-cate yo!!!
I much rather ride a nice trim than a day old shave.

Plus: less hair = less smell = more yum

Now you know.

PS: Not all dicks look good totally shaven. Some end up looking like lonely retarded elephants. Especially if you are not circumcised.

PPS: If you're gonna shave: make SURE you do it properly ALL THE WAY to the back of your balls. We WILL end up down there and you will look like a fool if the back of your balls reminds us of Mister T.