Saturday, December 17, 2011


Let's talk about nipples, shall we?
What is it about nipples that is so sexual?
Who was it that decided that the entire nakedness of a woman's body relied entirely on her nipples? Somehow, cleavage cracks are ok, the rest of our body being exposed is fine, the rest of your beast is fine AS LONG AS NO NIPPLE SHOWS. Yep, makes total sense...NOT.
Victoria's Secret will sell you bras that will add 2 full cups to you real breast size (my men: these are really disrespectful to you, they are expensive colorful lies) in order to make your cleavage gigantic and give you the boob crack you've always dreamed of...but it will alway be padded enough to make sure your nipples wont show ... even on a very cold day.

I don't know, i find that weird......and a tiiiiny bit hypocritical....
Nipples are beautiful and sexy. And big breast 3/4 out with a padded bra is not.

Small breasts are beautiful, big breasts are beautiful... vulgarity is an Attitude, not a Nippletude.

This makes me want to stick little images of nipples on everything and ask people: is is vulgar now?