Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I had met this guy while I was in Asia, and we kept in touch and since I'm always in Nyc i decided to pay him a visit. We saw each other as I went back and forth through travels.

So anyway our 1st time wasn't so great, which I wasn't surprise because these days I've been meeting guys who are just not good in bed, nor freaky or can even last long enough to get me going. It has been a damn long time since i had BOOM BOOM with anyone so I decided to give him a try. Our first time lasted 5 my head i say " shit happens don;t judge just try again later"... we do it again he came  in less time then the first.

Now a month later I decide to go back and give it another try....WOW after chilling for a bit we start kissing, but he's not the best kisser so I was having a hard time getting turned on... plus I had a weed brownie just before which wasn't probably helping. So we kept kissing and in no time he's starts taking off my clothes but what was annoying was he was stopping everything just to undress, like MR ROGERS...taking socks off, folding wtv it was annoying then we are touching each other and i gently touch his penis and he comes all over me....????? what? what the hell is that? I barely did anything...I don't even know what that means...should I be flattered then the worst he gets up goes in the room and comes out with a condom on his UNHARDENED PENIS....really who does that? and worst tries to put it IN. I mean he's like 35 like your too grown you should no better....shame on you. there's more but i'll end on this note.

Please tell me what you think? comments appreciated because I'm confused on this one...I think I should leave this guy in the DUST.