Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have a thing for sex. I have a thing for men. I have a thing for music. I have a thing for dance.  So when all four of these combine, it's ecstasy.  I went out the other day, and I met this incredible hot man.  He politely asked me to dance with him, and I kindly accepted.  Choice of music: Reggae!  Choice of dance style:  u know it...a whole lot of bumping and grinding...but on some slow shit.  We started off nice and easy, simply allowing our rhythmic differences to match.  I could feel his dick getting harder and harder as I was playfully circling my hips, and my bosom. His hands are slowly caressing my arms, neck, back and stomach.  He holds me tighter at times..making me feel 'controlled', he even plays with my hair and gently pulls on it.  I'm wet by that time.  I feel his breathing on my neck, and I feel his sweat trickling down as his forehead touches me.  He turns me around aggressively and places my hands on his neck, making me stroke his nape and hair.  I sure wish I was stroking something else...As I place myself with my back to him once more, the next tune that comes on makes us latch on to each other even more.  As I felt myself controlling the flow we were in, I decided to give in and let him take charge...I started following his flow...and let me tell you ladies we were so in tuned that I literally thought we were sexing as I had my eyes closed.

I am a firm believer that when you dance with a man/woman it doesn't mean that there is more than just dancing.  BUT I feel that if we are this intimate with each other as we are dancing, we ought to assume that there is definitely some chemistry.  NOW the question is:  Is this dance chemistry, a prelude to what could happen in the sack?  How good can two people dancing to some fine reggae be as good sexing?  

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take him to a bathroom and keep our session going on a more physical aspect.  And the club wasn't crowded enough for me to stick my hand into his boxers and really give him a party in his pants the way I wanted to...but I might in later time...:) 

Stay tuned...