Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday was Valentine's Day. You know, that day the american TV tells average men that if they give enough corny gifts to their lady friend, they'll get laid.
Well, the couple staying in the hotel room next to mine definitely honored that tradition. I don't know if the dude got her cheap diamonds or some overpriced chocolate, but his V Day seemed to go as planned: they had sex. Loud sex.

As for me, the banging first bugged me as i was reading my book... But very soon, i could hear them...

In the beginning, it was his voice that turned me on as i was imagining him grabbing her against the wall... I imagined her still wearing her fuck-me heels and ├╝ber-mini dress... Her breast coming out of her bra as well as his face between her legs pushing her skirt up...

And then it was her sounds that got me off...

I came with them.

It was my first threesome. Expect they had no idea i was there.