Friday, February 10, 2012


So, I find myself going home with a gorgeous male this one night!  We ended up falling asleep and having the most appreciated cuddling/spooning session.  Although I was surprised at the outcome of the night, I surely didn't complain...You know, not always, must men and women with acquired maturity and respect of each other have to end up into a sexual debacle!  BUT...

Interestingly enough, the morning was full of surprises and sensuality!  We both woke up to the sounds of sexual vibrations that were running through our bodies for over 8 hours...And I have to admit that it was an amazing the final result was more than anticipated!!  I won't draw a picture, WELL, not this time, but we spent a couple of hours discovering each other's bodies!  Bodies that were fairly new to one another..kisses and caresses were shared, licking and sucking were offered and taken to different parts of the body, bodily fluids were exchanged and pleasure was all part of the party!

Now that we are done with our excursion, we both lay there in our birthday suits and just reminisce on the last couple of hours well spent.  When one of us realizes that Sunday is about to go to waste, the other starts getting dressed.  BUT why OH why...after hours of exploring our most INTIMATE parts, do we rush to get dressed in the dark?!?!  Why do some of us hide our bodies from our new lover, minutes after the act of sex?  Haven't you displayed your body in intricate positions, like twenty minutes ago?  Haven't you allowed yourselves to be open and vulnerable to achieve complete bliss and ecstasy not long ago?  I feel like, when you bare yourself physically, you bare yourself physically...If I just spent thirty minutes naked in front of you, why do I have to rush to get dressed right after?!?! And why do I long the next time we will get naked, if i can't appreciate being naked right after our sexual spectacle?!?

Intimacy 101 :  Learn how to bare your skin, after sex...(smile) no need to be shy after sharing SO MUCH with a sex partner/lover/boyfriend/etc...