Sunday, February 26, 2012


I think i like the idea of him more than i like him.
Because when i think of him, i don't have to smell him.

You can be as hot and sexy as you want, if you don't smell good, then i don't care.
And when i say "smelling good" i'm not talking about your perfume.
Of course, avoiding the horrible D&G and other leopard and gold loving brands is always a good idea. But i'm referring to the smell of your skin. The one of your hands, the one of your neck, the one of your stomach. Yes, once the perfume is gone (after some bed exercises or simply a long day), you need to smell good.
That means two things: wash well and often (your hands too please, as you all have this tendency of scratching under your pants and if you're gonna caress my face gently, it BETTER not smell like your sweaty cock) and eat well. Healthy eating actually gives you a better smell. (truths i have noticed: eating too spicy makes you smell icky and drinking tons of pineapple juice will make your cum taste sweeter)

So guys, please NEVER underestimate hygene. It can really put you on the black list FOREVER.