Sunday, February 19, 2012


So 2 nights ago i was watching TV.
Yes, a friday night.
Most of the stuff on TV is pretty crappy on the week end except…. this show called "Le Sexe Autour Du Monde" on TV5. It's a quebec show that goes around the World to discover how different cultures deal with sex, their practices and their taboos. It's fascinating.
And this week, they were in Korea.
A very prude traditional culture and a very low rate of sex activity between couples. It also seems to be a culture of contraditions. Like Japan, just as much as they can be prude about sexuality, they have on the other hand, developed some extremely sexualized shows and ways.
Here is, for example, a theme park that is entirely dedicated to sex.
Not the sweet love and modest sex. No. The all-out-let's-fuck-right-now-sex.
Funny thing is that, as they were showing on the show, people go to the Loveland Park with their entire families. They walk around like it's a common exhibit, laugh with their hands covering their mouths and pose quietly on the sculptures.
I must admit, i got a little aroused searching for these pictures.
Here is Jeju Loveland.