Wednesday, February 29, 2012


When I have daughters, if I am so lucky, I will teach them what it means to be a woman.

I will teach them that self-pleasure is a great gift and to use it often, because orgasms are pretty fucking awesome.

That they can ask a sex question as comfortably as they would a math question.

And that coming is more precious than any ring. And at least twice as precious as any male orgasm.

I will teach them that sex is something to enjoy throughout their entire lives, with no mention of how many partners is acceptable. To enjoy sex for themselves first, whenever that may be.

They will understand that experimentation is natural;
mistakes are inevitable;
pleasure is uncomprimisable
....but disrespect, unacceptable.

That they have complete power in this world, despite what many people will tell them.

They will fully understand that because they have both the minds to decide for themselves, and the ability to give birth to and shape future generations, they are the born gems of society and the object of scorn for those who haven't the ability to do either.

That they are everything, unless they decide they are nothing. That they will be respected, if they command it and loved because they will always deserve it.

That they hold the key to humanity and owe the world absolutely nothing.

That is the least I owe my daughters.