Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So the other day, i was feeling a little down and lonely so i did what every independent woman would do (no, not pig out on ice-cream): buy myself a new toy.
Let me tell you that we ladies of today, are very lucky: the days of the gross, giant rinkely-penis-like loud vibrator are far gone. (except in corny cheap sex-shops)
We now have so many options of beautiful and well designed sex-toys. It has become a true pleasure to go dicover the new design dildos.
This time, I have bought myself a Leaf (beautiful and silent, and on top of it: 
But i think the next one i will get will definitely be the Happiness & Joy splash-proof massager from OhMiBod! This modern massager supplies dual-action stimulation that syncs up with the tempo and rhythm of your music!! Better than a lot of men!
I also like the Lyla for it's tininess and remote control. The fun part of this one being that you can use it as foreplay with your man... you actually wear it under your dress and he keeps the remote. This way he can play with you while you are out… kinda awesome.
As for he most popular couples' sex toy of all time (according to the sales lady) it is the We-Vibe 3. He is designed to be worn, hands-free, by hugging the clit and G-spot snugly during penetration. Yep: during.

Shopping just got a whole lot more fun.