Saturday, November 10, 2012


I don't understand why men need to remind you that they're straight when a gay guy flirts with them. The other day, my gay guy friend came over to chat with me and my straight guy friend. We all know each other very well and gay guy isn't trying to chase anyone. He is, though, a great flirt. I find this adorable.

One day, he came over, and jokingly looked at me ( I had my legs showing).

"Looks like I have competition!" the gay guy said. We all laughed and he walked away. Harmless right??

Straight guy "You know.....there is no competition."
Me "Meaning?"
Straight guy "You would win every time."
Me "Are you trying to remind me that you're straight?"
Straight guy "I like pussy, not dick."
Me "Why do you feel the need to remind me?"
Straight guy "Well, I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm gay."
Me "But I already KNOW you're not gay."
Straight guy "I know, never know."

Me "Look, if someone came up to you and said you were an astronaut, would you automatically become one?"
Straight guy "No."
Me "Exactly."