Friday, November 9, 2012


A few weeks back, i was introduced to Kizomba. A old dance (late 1800s) that seems to slowly become the new thing.
Originally from Angola, it is also danced in Cape Verde and other ex-portuguese colonies.
Basically, it is a beautiful mix of zouk and tango. No need to tell you that it is a VERY sensual dance. Not too much for the "zouk" influence ( hips moving, slight grinding) but really for the tango part of it. See it is virtually impossible to dance with a man if you don't COMPLETELY LET HIM LEAD. And the only way is, like tango, to close your eyes and almost make one with his breathing.
Let me tell you that for a girl like me, letting a man completely lead my body is VERY hard.
Long story short, i decided to go check out this free class yesterday. The way it was tough was that the approx. 15 girls and 15 guys were to switch every few moves.
Now here comes the funny part: not only did it feel like an awkward spe ed-dating-hugging, you could also totally tell every guy's "style" in bed.
Like for real. The nervous and quick one, the "lazy and sweaty" one, the "i think i'm soooo good" (but he's just "ok") one, the "it's all about me" one, and of course, the "attentive into the moment" one.
I've never been a huge advocate of the whole : good dancers are good in bed. Simply because i've been with my share of dancers and most of them were not good lovers. So yeah. But i do believe that because of the "tango-ish" nature of this dance, it kind of gives you a bit of an idea of the guy's sex-personality.
Thing is, i will never really know as i have no plans of sleeping with all the guys i dance with.
And that is the end of this post. Ha.