Thursday, November 6, 2014


Remember that SATC episode where Miranda bluntly asks one lunch "what is it with men today and this obsession with doing it in the butt?"

Well, my girls and i have another question these last few years: "What is it today, with men being completely OBSESSED with having us sit and come on their face?

I mean, i love getting my pussy eaten out, don't get me wrong, and i actually really like sitting on a face from time to time. But it seems like this is starting to take such an important place in the sex ritual, that guys rather have us come on their face than inside our pussy.
Same goes with "i really want to come all over your lips/face/mouth".

Again, i'm cool with that from time to time (understand: not all the fucking time), but nothing, NOTHING replaces the absolute joy, roughness, closeness, deepness of your dick inside my pussy.
The magical absolutely erotic feeling of your weight, skin and hands all over me.

It's a full body experience guys, not just a click on my vagina button that makes this whole sex thing dope.
So let's have me sit on your face, sometimes longer than others, sometimes you squatting between my legs under my skirt, sometimes i'll blow you in unexpected places, and let's 69 a lot....and then, please proceed to fucking me the "old-school" way: by the beautiful and intimate act of penetration.

In a more general conclusion: Sex should be a journey, with different speeds, different routes and different stories every time. Every time you change it up a bit, you make me appreciate all of the routes, slower and more intricate, or fast and furious. Nobody stays excited taking the same, giant fucking highway every time.