Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We all hear about Syria these days, but for the saddest of reasons: war.
But i recently discovered something not only very surprising (to me at least!), but also quite fantastic:

Syria is the Middle East's Kinky-Lingerie Capital!

Yes, you read this right!
And by "kinky" i mean really freaking funny and "creative" kinky.

Here is a great video on the subject, created by Time Mag. It's also interesting to see how, just like the porn industry is in our society is ruled by men, the kinky-lingerie business over there seems ruled by guys as well... and how some feminists, like the smart radio host we see in the video, speaks out against this modern way of limiting women's right on their own sexuality...

I've also put a few pictures from the book "The Secret life of Syrian Lingerie"

Design-wise, it is quite hilarious.