Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Are you one of thoses amazing catches that SOMEHOW never really get the girls? Or you do but not for long...? I am not being ironic at all. I know a few of you guys as i am one of the girls you couldn't quite get. Yes, you are good looking, for a few are actually seriously goregous. You are nice, you have your shit together and are educated. But somehow..... Some of these other, not so cool, not so hot, not so smart guys are getting more action or play than you.
I have two possible answers: either you are an annoying type of nice guy OR: you don't smell good.
I have rejected amazing guys JUST because they smelled bad. Yes, it is THAT important. Just like a man that smells good can really have a bigger power on us than we would like to admit, the opposite is ├╝ber powerful.


Shower everyday ( obviously) or more ( if you sweat a lot) and wear deodorant. 
Hydrate after your shower as a good lotion not only makes your skin smoothes ( noboby likes cracky skin) but it leaves a nice subtle smell all over you. 
REMEMBER: smelling good means smelling good from up-very-close and UNDER your perfume.

Clean your house. I mean: ckean your damn house. Smelly envoronments leave on you a bad smell. 

Air out your appartment EVERYDAY. Even if you shower every day, if you live in a stuffy appartment, you will smell. Because yes: stuffiness has a distinct smell.

Don't forget your landry in the washing machine. It gives a weird rotten smell to your clothes that are ON your body. It's gross.

Wear perfume. But not just ANY perfume. Find something that will fit you. Go to a store and find a specialist that will test a bunch of them on you. You will be surprised how different a perfume can smell on your skin. And please: don't wear TOO MUCH. That's just plain ridiculous. Two zitzs are waaaaay enough with any brand.

And of course: mouth hygene is a MUST. ( brush, floss everyday) and always have gum or mints on you. 

There. Now you know.